First Canada Fishing Trip Coming Up

Discussion in 'Walleye Fishing' started by Mr.T, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Mr.T

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    I'll be heading up to Canada in a couple of weeks with my dad and brother - we're going to Perrault Lake and look forward to catching a bunch of fish.

    Never caught a walleye in my life though so not really sure what I'm doing - I've got a bunch of spinner rigs tied up, and heading to Cabelas this weekend to stock up on jig heads, curly tail grubs and a few crank baits. So hopefully I'll get the hang of it fairly quickly.

    Any advice for a first-time Canada walleye fisherman??
  2. Salmonid

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    SW Ohio
    whatever you were gonna bring in alcoholic beverages replace that same amount with some heavy duty 90+% Deet bug spray....:eek:oooh:
    Seriously.... and pack some warm jackets

    as far as walleyes go, typical early summer patterns will have fish on submerged humps, points and such, bring lots of good bait or plugs to cover all depths from 3-25 feet.
    If lakes are deep enough. You may have a shot at getting Lake trout.

    Smallies will be on the rocks now so be sure to bring some surface plugs like Pop -R's-AC Shiners or Rapalas. BTW, Canadian shield lake walleyes have a deep preference for silver sided blue backed rapalas in the husky jerk or countdown models:wink:

    Ive never fished your lake but that is a standard pattern across lower Ontarion for most of June

    Good luck!

  3. catsrking

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    My last trip to Canada was a few years back to Lake or the Woods, Sioux Narrows, Ontario. Had a great time, caught Walleye, Northerns, Large & Small Mouth, Perch and even some Lake Trout. We were there in late May, couple or three weeks after iceout. Did well with jigs tipped with minnows ( many times just a plain leadhead & minnow). Trolling Johnson Silver minnows worked for us as well as the standard plugs and crank baits. Wish you the best of luck. Be sure to pack the camera & plenty of film.