First Aid for a Pond

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    Original post made by Chip Rowland(Alwazelate) on April 20, 2004

    Unfortunately as the fish get sick they don't like to eat and using a sinking feed doesn't give you a chance to see if they are getting enough medication to be helpful.

    Check the feed and see what medication it contains. The most common antibiotic is Terramycin and from what I understand it's not possible to make a floating feed with it.

    Another antibiotic that can be blended into floating feed is Romet; it's a combination of two drugs that work together to control the infection. If you can get the floating food with Romet in it you can get a better idea of how much the fish consume.

    Diet and water quality play a role in the infection and if you can get the fish eating they might need to aerate or gradually introduce fresher water if it's a tank pond without a spring or other fresh water source.

    Keep in mind that bacteria can develop a resistance to certain antibiotics and if the fish aren't eating they are only going to get a small amount of medicine. They are going to need an adequate dose to be effective, too little and the medicine won't work.

    The final choice for an antibiotic should be based on a laboratory test called a sensitivity test . The test determines which antibiotic will work best to control the bacteria isolated from your fish. A fish health professional can complete this test and recommend the best control of a bacterial disease outbreak on your facility . Keep in mind that bacterial diseases are usually a consequence of poor water quality, excessive parasitism or improper handling . These management problems must be corrected for successful, long-term control of infections.