First Aid & CPR Certification Course Online

Discussion in 'Online Resources' started by wolfman, Mar 27, 2008.

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    Walter Flack
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    While it may be a good course I had my wife check it out (She's a certified CPR and Infant CPR Instructor) and you might want to be careful if you render aid!!! Some states don't consider the CPR portion to standards and you might be held liable if something happens. Most folks who take a free course are issued a card that is good for 1 year, and then needs to be re-certified.

    Check to see if legal in your home state. Don't want to see anyone get sued.

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    Most states have good samaritan laws that keep lay people from being held liable. Its hard to win a law suit against someone that was trying to save a life. As long as you follow your training you should be OK. Now if you fail to act then you could be sued.
    I think red cross cpr is good for 1 year and american heart cpr is good for 2.
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    That looks good Walter,
    Thanks for the info,:wink:

    One word about it though, You cant beat hands on training with this, it gives you a feel for how the whole thing flows and feels, and there are things that happen in CPR that you need to be prepaire for or they will freek you out when " if " they happen.. Broken ribs, Vomiting from the CPR..not to mention if there is other trama involved..:sad2:
    If this looks like something you want to learn, do it, but when you get the chance and time I recomend you go take the hands on coarce,,,
    I was a EMT in the Coast Guard and im now a First Responder at my work..
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    I would recomend that anybody who is interested to take an actual class. While you can get the knowledge online you need the experience of practicing to be competant in CPR. It would be like somebody never catfishing. They read up on the BOC and get all kinds of great knowledge, but they still need to get out on the water and practice.

    I am current in my CPR for the Professional Rescuer, First Aid, Lifeguarding, and LGI (Lifeguard Instructor Cert.).
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    i am a fulltime firefighter emt and trust me if you can get it get it. we all fish on the water in remote places and knowing how to perform cpr may save a life one day most places we fish time is critical the chances of someone gettin to you or your buddy quick are slim never had to make a save on the water but had to patch some wounds lol and prevent hypothermia from a winter swimming trip its good too have for your buddies and families
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    You can also go the the american heart association to keep up to date on all the changes to CPR and find the answers to any questions you may have. Even though that isnt a hands on course, At least you will have the knowledge, I would much rather have someone at least trying to perform cpr on me than do nothing and in alot of cases that is what happens people just do nothing, compressions is better than nothing. Always remember "PUSH HARD PUSH FAST".