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    i have and old firestone outboard motor and i was wondering if any one could tell me what year it was and if any one know what the gas mixture might be.
    the stock # is 10-A-132
    code # is 423-0-82001
    serial # is 1132
    and at the top of the plate it said 8.0 which i think is the hp then it said bhp @ 4500 rpm if any one knows what that is.

    thanks for your help,

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    The following brands were produced by Scott-Atwater. Some brands (Firestone) would be licensed to other manufacturers after being discontinued by Scott-Atwater.
    Champion outboards 1935-1942
    Scott-Atwater 1946-1959
    Firestone Outboards 1946-57
    Corsair Outboards 1948-1957
    Hiawatha 1956-1959

    Older Outboards are a perplexing deal whan it comes to gas to oil mix ratio.

    That wasa time when (Non-Detergent) Motor oil was commonly mixed with Gas at a 32:1 rate.
    Modern 2 cycle oils have much improved performance and are generally mixed at a 50:1 rate .
    I mix all my old 32:1 motor fule at 50:1 ...on the heavy side... for good measure.
    They run well on this combo and I have seen no ill affects. Plus they run a bunch cleaner and the fule is Much more stable than the Old Gas and Oil.

    Hope this is of some help.

    R Green

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    Bhp stands for brake horsepower, but I can't tell you what that means. Google will prolly have some answers.
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    That engine was built some where in the fifties. I lost my connection to the site that dealed with those old outboards. I have a firestone 3.6 h/p 1947 and I run it at a 24:1 mix on todays TCW3 rated oil and regular gas and it runs good on it. The 4500 is the max in rpm's you want to wind out of that little sucker.