Firestarters for Campfires

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    Hey Folks;
    New member here with my first post. Here is hoping that I get it all posting stuff correct!
    I don't know if this will help but when I used to teach survival classes one of the firestarters I use and demonstrate is the railroad flare I keep taped to my survival knife sheath.
    If the wood is a bit damp from rain, fog, ect, the extra heat helps the water evaporate and once lit, they usually burn pretty hot, even hotter than stick matches, disposable lighters, ect, for the 5 to 30 min size you use.
    They can also be used for emergency lighting and signaling under certain conditions. As always, common sense in the use of these pyrotechnic items requires a healthy dose of "Common Sense", something in short supply for many folks!
    Hope this helps.