Fire Lake

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    I went to Fire Lake (a pay lake in Anderson) and tried my luck there, I had spoke with JimmyJohnny and he and Patman was already out on the toon, so I skipped Hartwell for one weekend...I fished from about 10pm til 7am, and had a couple of fish in the 15-20 lb range, then I hooked up at 5am with a 32lber...felt good bringing that fish in, I had almost forgot how it felt it has been a good little while since Ive caught anything over 20lbs...anyways, I was using cut bream (been frozen for 6 months or longer) and I tried a few herring but nothing on all in all had a good time, and got a few pounds of fish for the freezer.....:wink::big_smile:

    P.S. And I finally got a picture with me in it for my avatar picture that is me with the 32lber.
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    Thanks for the update Brian an congrats on some good fishing.