Fines at dams on the mississippi

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    not sure of the the details yet did talk to some on sunday at the tournament
    that said the corps of eng. is issuing tickets for fishermen catching bait and fishing to close to the dam they said they are using cameras at quincy and mailing the tickets by your boat registration #so watch getting to close you are not even allowed to drop ancor past the warning signs and drift back21 tickets last week
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    I didn't think the Corp of Engineers was an enforcement agency. Seems they would have to get a state law enforcement official to issue a citation.

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    I had a lock worker tell me a few weeks ago that they didn't mind if you moved up beyond the 300' mark to catch bait, they just didn't want you fishing past the mark. On the other hand my buddy got a ticket in the mail a couple weeks ago for precisely doing just that. He was on the IL side catching bait and a lock worker told him to look forward to a ticket in the mail for it...