Finding winter blue catfish

Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by Catfish Rick, Jan 2, 2007.

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    Good morning and this is my first time on this site. I glad I stumbled onto it. I'm an avid fisherman who fishes the Missouri River near Leavenworth, KS. It's a pretty deep river, lots of current. My biggest this year is a 62 pound Blue. I do well in Spring, Summer and Fall, never tried winter. I've tried several times to fish the scour holes off the end of rock dykes. No luck. Too much current? I used Fresh frozen shad and carp. I know blues like deep holes in winter. Where am I going wrong and where else to I need to try? I'm now trying deep eddies in back of the dykes, off the current. Any and all adivce is much appreciated!
  2. dougc

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    Well let us know when you figure it out! Spent 5 hrs on the river yesterday checking every scour hole from Riverfront Park upstream past Kaw Point. Couldn't find any signs of fish other than bait, which we had no trouble cast netting. Ended up with a bunch of shad, small drum and quillback. Sat all afternoon without a bite! I know all the fish can't be gone! Probably going to try farther downstream next time, heck might need to go all the way to the Mississippi!

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    Don't know much about the blues but want to WELCOME U to the BOC.Your gonna get HOOKED for sure.When you get them Big Blues figured out let the rest of us know.
    Anyway WELCOME to the big FAMILY!!
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    Welcome to BOC Rick.
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    Napoleon, Mo.
    Welcome to the BOC Rick. Good luck on that winter bite.
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    Andrews, SC
    Rick, we're glad you stumbled onto the BOC, too. Hope you enjoy it here, and share your experience with us as soon as you figure out where those fish are. I'm in South Carolina, and the water seldom gets below the low-mid 40's but I actually catch cats in pretty much the same places year round here. The deeper holes produce pretty good, but the cold water causes them to bite slower most of the time. I catch a lot of blues on the edge of the main channels, they seem to like current a lot more than the channels or flatheads. I have a lot of luck on the edge of the current, especially where there is a pretty steep drop-off, along with an eddy below a logpile. Water depths don't seem to matter too much. I guess in the shallower rivers here, the water doesn't stratify; it's all about the same temp. On the rare occasion when I go at night, I catch them in as little as 2' of water on flats near deeper water.
    When water is being discharged into the river from the lakes system, the blues are usually near the shore in fast current where the bottom drops off, but quite a few are right out in the main current, too.
  7. SC Hartwell

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    Pickens, SC
    I fish lake reservoirs, that have a lot of striper in them. When the striper push shad to the surface the sea gulls will dive at the shad. This is a good indicator as to where the fish are. Whenever there is a blood bath in the water from striper vs. shad, the blue cats will be there to clean up. This is where i fish for them in the winter time. In river I would try deep pools that hold cover and submerged timber, they will sit there and slowly move off to much on anything drifting down stream.
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    Welcome to the Boc. Good luck in your winter search on the river. Key is to keep trying until you find them. I do not know the movement for your area, but you can be sure that they are somewhere feeding. I would start were a lot of baitfish are at and target withing that zone.
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    Welcome to the BOC Rick, wish I cud help ya on the quest fer big winter blue's, but I guess I'm in the same boat you are....But stick with the Brotherhood someone has an answer ta all the kitty questions.....
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    Hey welcome to the BOC! I'd love to help you with those Missouri waters but I've never fished 'em. Good luck!
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    Welcome to the BOC. I wish I could help you locate those blues, this would have been the first year that we would have fished for blues in the winter, but at the end of the season we hit something floating under the surface and spun the prop. Took the boat out one more time, didn't go but across the river and fished a deep hole off the end of a rock dike 34ft and a blow out behind the dike approx 20ft of water, we did see fish on depth finder and had one bite at both locations, but missed both. Fished approx 90 mins at both spots. Good Luck and Welcome.
  12. Lngbo

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    Welcome to the BOC Rick, I have not been able to do alot of winter fishing due to have to work lots. Like the others said, if you do find out the secret, let us know. All I know is they bite slower in the winter.
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    I was told a few days ago by a couple fishermen on here, that deep eddies will hold them all year long. But, sounds like you've already tried that, so I'd just keep moving from eddie to eddie until you find them. And also, when it rains, head for a feeder creek and fish the deepest part of it. But, I'd also put a line in the mouth just incase. Hope this helps. And by the way, welcome to the BOC.

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    Welcome to the BOC! Rick try the scour holes on the outsides of the bends, current should be a benefit in winter time. Try it out and let us know.
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    South Carolina
    new member here from South Carolina. Winter fishing here hasn't hit a typical patern as of yet. Water is still mid 50's, but catching a few in the river channels.
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    Big O Kansas welcome Rick, never been on a river that big. I always heard that Leavenworth was a nice place to stay.
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    St. Joseph, Missouri
    Welcome to the BOC!! I was out all day last Saturday and located some small channels but was unable to locate any big blues. I too am trying the winter time thing for the first time this year. You are not too far from me. I fish around St. Joseph just north of you. I dont get out as much as i would like to due to having fair weather fishing buddies who only want to fish when it is warm. If ya ever want to hit the river with another blue hunter send me a private message and maybe we can find some blues between the two of us. I caught several great blues this past summer but not much luck this winter YET!! Good luck
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    Welcome to the BOC, Rick!
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    Welcome Rick. I am also new to the BOC. I like a lot havent fished in the winter until this year. I have been 4 times since december 1. Caught 6 fish 1 blue @ 4lbs 5 channels @ 4lbs each. I have fished the tenn river for several years and have done really well up until last year. Dont really know why. I bought a new boat, 4 new catmax rods and 4 new garcia reels and havent did any good since. May go back to using the little flat bottom and the cheaper tackle. I am going to Savannah, tn tomarrow plan on fishing a few deep holes in the channel with skipjack. If I get lucky I'll be sure to let everyone know. Went to the mississippi for the first time last summer. A little different than the tenn. We fished behind some wing dams but didnt get a bite. I will try again though.
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    welcome to the boc sounds like yer doing better with the blues then i am