Finding the bait in the area.

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by thomas feldon, Dec 21, 2007.

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    Take the time , if you have the time, to find the local bait. Use a ultra lite and small hook's to find the fingerling's running around the shallow water trying to keep away from the big boy's that can't get to them. It's alot of fun.

    Now this is for the river's and not lake's or any slow water area's.

    Try fishing in a 1 to 3 foot deep area using hot dog's, sauage, worm's, very small shad, or creek (slik) minnow's. See what you get. If you catch alot of one kind of bait , your in a school of baiter's and the big one's are not far off.
    What you catch is your next bait to fish deeper. Remember the bigger the bait, the bigger the catch!

    On the Missip, I've done really good from watching the shad topping the water . You know they are being hunted. Usually by gar.
    If they are popping out of the water in big sperts with a wild motion there are skipjack hitting them. This is the time you want to catch skips and use them for cut bait . I've found the big blue's and larger channel's are under them waitting for the easy meal from injurd or stray skipp's.
    Give it a try:cool2:
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    I usualy will use a dipbasket for bait at tva, if that doesn't produce I use a cast net their and anywhere else I fish. Although a bobber , a small hook and split shot weight with a small worm can produce a bluegill, a good cat bait. Also I have a good amount of skipjack in the freezer which was caught over this last weekend.

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    It seems like spring and summer fishing involves alot more work doesn't it??? That's the one good thing about winter fishing, most of the time just catch bait in bulk, and goes in the freezer.
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    There's an idea. . .

    Things have really slowed down this winter in SC (well, at least where I fish), but I suppose we could always catch little bream and suckers and store them. . . .