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I have posted here before of my system that I love to fish, so I wont go into it needlessly here. I was out all night long fishing for channels at my pond and had great success in the morning. After things died down with the catfish as they always do mid morning for me, I decided to bag up some of the bluegill I was using for cutbait all night and make my way around the pond.

At about 5pm, I hadnt caught much more than a carp since noon and was growing tired as I looked into the west toward the sun. This angle of light that the sun was casting on the water illuminated the water and something caught my eye near my line furthest from shore.

Something long and dark was simply sitting still in the water about 25 yards ahead of me. I dismissed the visual as a piece of a limb or root at first since I had been fishing this pond for a long time and had never caught anything that held the shape of this object. Just then, another body similar to the first came into view and was definitely swimming against the gentle current of the water. Now I was perplexed.

As I watched this happening, I began to take notice of more and more of these long fish, some looking to be up to 4ft in length, swimming just below the surface! My first feeling was Northern Pike since I had heard of them being caught near this location on the river. A few weeks prior I had also caught one about 4 inches long in my castnet. But his just didnt seem right.

The numbers of these mysterious fish were astounding. Without a doubt in my mind, I spotted well over 200 of these in my pond that afternoon. SO I had to try to catch one of them....

Using the ripe bluegill which now floated, hooked them and dropped them over these unknown swimmers but they were not stirred by the bluegill. Just then, I pulled the gill in front of one and got him to take a second look. STRIKE!!! Wow! what a hit, but didnt have enough of him to set the hook STRIKE!!! FISH ON! the ensuing fight lasted a few moments longer than the catfish that I was hauling in earlier.

Pulling the creature to shore, I knew it was no pike. The fish I caught that afternoon was a 38' longnose gar :smile2: I had never even seen one of these things before and there I was looking at literally hundreds of them in the pond that I swore I knew like the back of my hand! I guess this just goes to show that there is always something new to learn and that just because you arent looking for it, doesnt mean it isnt there.. Hope you enjoyed my story!:wink:

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