Finding shad in colder water

Discussion in 'Shad Talk' started by Mr.T, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. Mr.T

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    The water's starting to cool off, and I'm wondering how you go about finding shad once it's down in the 50's. Do they still school near the surface or do they go deep?

    I fish in Truman Lake, and there have been enough shad in the lake this summer that you could almost walk across the lake. But I don't know what they do when it gets cold.

    Any special tricks to finding them?
  2. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    Generally the shad will migrate to the warmest water for the winter.Down here that means they concentrate in front of the dams and the predators follow them.That leads to some of the best fishing of the year particularly if there is a die off.Of course you have to be able to handle the cold but it is amazing how warm it is when you are attached to a 40 pounder

  3. catfishcentral

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    It's true lots of shad will be found in the deepest parts of lakes and rivers but there's still plenty in shallow water during the cold water period. I've caught lots of shad in the same places I catch them in the summer but they are almost at the very bottom, weather it's 3 feet of water or 60 feet of water you need your net to hit the bottom before you usually catch any. In my experience it's just takes a little longer to find them. In the summer you can always see them flipping at the surface and throw your net in those spots. The winter time usually just requires more throws with the cast net. I still have caught most of my shad in less than six feet of water in the winter and that includes when air temps are in the teens and water temps are in the thirty's