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Finding shad at night

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During the day there seems to be an over abundance of shad near the dam i fish but at night i can usually only find half a doz bigger shad. where do they go. :0a35:
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I noticed that too ,but went into a little deeper water and found them with the casting net.
I just shine the spot light at night tell I find them jumping. The shad should follow there food source to the top. I been having my best luck from 4-10 foot of water in coves.
crazy is right. shine a flood light across the water while ya creep along if ya are in a boat of course. theyll jump out of the water if there there. also ya can shine it in the water. and wait. they will be attracted to a light. i knew a fella from here that always got them like that. he would shine a floater in the water while he fished and once in a while toss out by the light and get shad easily.
so if i hang light by water shad will appear if they are around right ?
a floating light works well seems to atract thim
there are a couple places where streetlights shine across the river onto the water near the bank and i always find shad there. if there is no light i find them on shallow sandy bottoms.
Yes Lights for sure! I have been nightfishing, and have seen the commercial shad fisherman come out with there nets on 30 foot poles and lights hanging out over the water. It's quite a picture! In the good years, the whole river is packed with boats and shad. Around here it seems the shad come out at night and go deeper in the day, though we do get them (daytime) at areas that have a wall or gate with water pumping. A lot of other big fish are often right behind them also!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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