Finding Good Fishing Holes ?

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    I fish the Ohio River and I usually fish from a few docks that I know about: such as the ones you see in my pic. And I do O.K. there... BUT, this year I plan on doing alot more fishing out on boats, so I can better locate some BIG Blues and Flatties. I don't own a boat as of now, and prolly won't any time soon. The boats I have access to are all my friend's boats. And not one of my buddies have fish finders on their boats. BUT, one of the boats that I'll be fishin' off of this year has just a plain ol' built in digital depth finder that came with the boat (its a speed boat, not a fishin' boat), and it just shows in digits how deep the water is, nothin' else, such as what it looks like under us. Therfore I can't find structure or drop-offs easily. SOOOO, Finally, I have two questions!
    #1- If I was to take out the boat and just ride up and down the banks (and other places ) of the river in a slow zig zag motion, while looking at the little depth finder. Could I find drop-offs, holes, etc. by just waiting for the depth finder to drop 14 or 15 feet instantly? Then I'd pick out something directly across from it on the bank: so that I can remember where the hole is: come back around in a circlular motion on the boat and anchor in casting distance from the hole or drop-off: ready to fish:big_smile: . Do you guys think this would work or am I stupid. :sad2:
    #2- In my situation, on the boats without fish finders and all, where and how would you guys locate good fishin' spots out on the river. Spots such as drop-offs, bars, underwater structure, deep holes, and other spots where big cats in big numbers are located. ANY HELP WOULD BE AWESOME!!! THANKS!!!!!
    -sorry so long-
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    Look for laydowns, timber, logjams, anything that the kitties can hide in and be out of the strong current. any where that you think looks good, fish it. never hurts to try.