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finding catfish in the lake

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ok guys this is my first post and let me say this board is a heck of an idea. Now to my dilema, I fish in from shore in van skiver lake in morrisville pa. the lake has a little cove the has a large influent pipe in which they pump water mon-wend. When the water is coming out full bore, I have caught 2, 5lb cats as I can reach the beiging of a deep hole that is below the pipe. How ever that was two days out of teh last 2 months, most days it just trickles out. I have tried there when the water isn't coming out and nothing is around. I have tried to reach other deep holes and little success, even though the water is about 18 ft. Where are they? I tried around a bridge and stil nothing, what am I overlooking as I know they are in there. Baits range from shinners to cut bait of white perch or bluegill. My fishing buddy uses livers and has cought nothing at all on them. the wheather is starting to cool off and I figured I would start to have sucess at the edges of the deep holes I can reach. Any advice is very appreciated as I am getting discouraged.
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also, let me add that I am using a carolina rig with about 12-18 in between bait and weight
are you in a boat or from shore, if you are in a boat just go around till you find structure on the bottom. Are you fishing at night or in the day. If you are fishing at night fish shallower and if in the daytime fish deeper. Eventually you will figure out their patterns. Good luck
I love the shore. Boat fishing for me is for Muskie Walley, Sheephead. the big boys. Pike
Just stick with it and keep throwing the variety platter at them. Were the fish you caught blues, channels, or flatheads? Live bait works perfect for the huge flats and the cut baits work best for the monster blues. I use livers for my channels, but you said they weren't hittin them, that's strange, that's my number one bait for channels in a lake. We usually tear em up on livers. Good Luck!!
I'm fishing for channels from the shore. Still nothing to speak of in the lake, might take a few wks for teh water temp to drop here. I have been having a little sucess at the creek, on bluegill heads only htough. I haven't hooked one one a peice of cut bait lately or shinners. I'll find them one day in the lake, it will be a great day.
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They probably show up there when the water is comming out because cats like the turning water.Anytime you find some water thats moving around thats a good place to fish for cats.
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I am catching cats now very shallow. They are following bait fish into creeks as the water temp drops.

Crappie fillets and heads work great in addtion to the cut Bream you are using. USE THOSE HEADS!! The bigger cats love the Bream and Crappie heads.

It takes time. It takes luck. Persistance is the most important part. I know the guides always show the picture of the huge stringers of fish, but trust me, I have seen their clients come in with one or two small fish!!
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