Finding Catfish in a new lake

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  1. jacobwyn

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    What's the best/fastest way to find catfish in a new lake?
  2. whisker maniac

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    There are several different ways to go about it and two it can depend on what type of catfish you are after. But, most generally this is how I would go about it.

    First of all I would try and obtain a topographical map of the lake or waterway in question. This will give you depth and a little insight as to the countour of the bottom so that you can see where the deep water is as well as the shallow flats. Find the shallow flats that are close to deeper water.

    Second I would find out what the main food source is to that lake and use it. Put our several short trotlines,10 to fifteen drops each, and place them according to your findings on the topographical map. You can use the trotlines as locators by which trotline was the most successful.

  3. Little Mac

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    Find where the water is coming in at and that will give you a starting point for the old creek beds/channels. work your way down from there. Whisker Maniac is right about the flat to deep areas. anchor up the flat fish the slope to the deep, your feeders will be on that slope during day, most likely they will move to the flat at night. If there are any bluffs on this lake, that is a good place too. Just my 2 cents.