Finding Big Channels cats in a lake??

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by catfishslayer, Sep 16, 2006.

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    I fish on a private lake alot i catch alot of channel cats but i only hook into the bigs ones during the spaun by luck i guess.The lake is vey low due to no rain.How do i find the big one this time of the year i like to fish alot in the evening.Due they hang out in the shallows or in the deep i use dip bait alot but im switching to live bait to try to catch the big ones!
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    In the evening or night I'd try the shallows with live and/or cut bait.I'd probably try them both,I've caught many of them on that.I always caught a lot of small eaters with dip bait,none very big.

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    I agree with John, I would try live or cut Shad or Bluegills in the shallows close to a steep drop into deep water, they seem to come out of the deep around night fall to feed on the smaller fish. I do the best on cut Gills, I've never done any good on dip baits. Attached is a pic of some Channels I caught on cut gills in 2 to 5ft of water close to 24ft of water. The largest was 7 lbs. nothing very big but still a nice mess of fish. Hope this helps ya some.

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