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As some of you may know, I have pretty much been getting skunked every time I go catfishing, which isnt very often, since I have to be cheuferred places. Tonight I decided to take a chance and fish the outside bend of this 20 foot wide creek by my house, since there is no other place that is possible to catch cats that I can walk to. EIGHT POUND CATFISH out of this little 120 yard x 20 foot stretch of creek, that was no more than 5-7 feet deep. I have to mail In-Fisherman and thank them for the idea. And it also turns out to be a prime bullhead spot, so I am thinking, "BAIT"! First bullheads I have ever caught, by the way. Tight lines everyone.

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Congrats, Barbel,

I have not caught a "cat" since I restarted catfishing again, about 2 months ago. So, I know all about the "skunked" feeling. Keep working that creek, who knows what else may show up. You may have found a real hot spot.
Went back out again tonight, and caught a 2-4 pound channel cat, and a little yellow bullhead. Thanks for everyones support.
You gotta have patience. Looks like it's paying off!
Hey Barbel,

"Way To Go"!

"Just Keep At It"! :006:

It sounds like you have a good thing going. :D

Take It Easy,
Bert :cool:
You all should come fishing with me everyone around me catches and I might get a couple of nibbles LOL. I have been trying just about every weekend now and usually get nothing or a little one. Not to worry tho we will get em soon.
Congrats Barbel!! Learning from the in-fisherman or BOC will always pay off.
Had been dead around here also, but last Sunday afternoon, got one 4 lb, channel and again on Wed. afternoon a 4 lb. channel. Water is starting to cool down so I am hoping they are starting to run. Congrats Barbel
Hey Barbel,

Did you take any pix of those fish?? If so, please post them.
Actually, I did happen to get a couple of pictures. I will need to edit my face though, because I am insecure about the internet, lol. I am the most paranoid person you can find on it.
Stupid editing rule. Anyways, I finally got them up. Haha, my brother botched the picture of my beautiful channel cat, but I requisition the flathead pictures from my camera too, which arent too bad, actually. The links are below, because the pictures were too big to put on here. I decided not to doctor my face, actually. Congratulations. You know I am fat now, lol.


Channel cat:
Hey barbel,

"Those are so nice looking cats"! :0a5:

And just think about this - :confused: - There's are somemore cats in there that are bigger than that - so "Go out there and get them"! - lol :happy:

You Take It Easy,
Bert :cool:
Hi Travis,

Thanks for posting those pix. I really liked the one of you and the flathead. Are you sure you caught that on rod and reel? :) As wet as you were, I bet you were "grabblin" and could not figure out who caught who :grin-big:

Way to go, Travis. Great fish :thumbsup:
Nice looking fish!! Congratulations!!

Hope you luck keeps you reeling in more!
Congrats on th nice fish brother. and thank you fr posting the photos.
Since the weather broke here fishing has really improved. I could wait to use all the information I've learned here while fishing was slow. I made it to my favorite lake over the weekend and basically put on a fishing display for others to watch. I looked like an octopus trying to keep up with my rods and bites. I had a great time and wanted to just say thanks for the help. Be patient. They will come.
Patience is the key word. I primarilly fish from shore so patience is a must. I have easily spent hours (15-20) per week without gettting a run. But when I get one.... :D
Nice fish barbel. Look like u got a good little honey hole.
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