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(Finally) "Real football"

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At last - we have some some "Real Football :worship: " to look foward to (Both College & NFL :thumbsup: ) and I know that alot of you guys a tired of Preseason games.

How many of you out there are as glade as I am about that? :D

You Guys Take It Easy,
Bert :cool:
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I didn't see one preseason game this year.Too many other things going on to waste time watching a glorified pratice.


I'm ready for sum FOOTBALL!!
Yah Bert!! I love football season! :D Preseason is pointless. I am so glad football is on now! Good Luck to your team!! Who is your team? You're from Cali. Raiders, Niners? You might even have another team? I like Randy Moss that's for sure! He's an incredible reciever with hands like glue!! Take it easy.

Hey LilRyJoe04,

I Like the "Raiders :D " . We are of to a slow start this year (0-2 :sad: ), but we will be OK after about the third game of the season. :0a32:

and I agree with you about Mr. Moss - He is the man (with the hands -lol). :happy:

What your Team do you like? :confused:

You Take It Easy Buddy,
Bert :cool:
My team is the Colts! Peyton is off to a slow start, but the defense is amazing this year :) I am hoping we can beat the Patriots for once this year! We are 3-0 thanks to our D! I like the Raiders. I like their fans in the "Black Hole"!! I hope they make a run here soon. That was the biggest mistake the Vikings ever mad was getting rid of the Moss Man! Take it easy Bert and Good Luck Fishin!!
Hey LitRyjoe04,

Peyton is going to bust out soon, if that D is still doing they job " look out for the Colts :eek: "

My Raiders will start winning soon :0a32:

We will see how it goes on Sunday :cross:

You Take Care Buddy,
Bert :cool:
J-E-T-S baby!!! I hope they get there new stadium in the Meadowland going soon. And Testaverde is impressive this year, just hope the young team can hold up.
Hey Marshallmth,
They (the Jets) will be ok. besides - Mr. Testaverde is doing it for us 40+ year-old guys. lol :happy:

Take It Easy,
Bert :cool:
All I have to say is that this is the best football season of my life, I'm 22 so I'm always tailgating and pregaming with a bunch of guys and we have Bengals season tix 10 rows off the end zone, let alone having superstars like Chad Johnson and the best quarterback in the league right now with Carson Palmer. Only QB throwing over %70 completion and 9 games with a 100+ passer rating. Roethlisburger who? lol We gonna beat dat azz next week too!!

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