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    Well we finally had a day that was at least tolarable to be be out on the lake. It was by no means a great day but was a day to think that they just fixing to start biting. My wife and I went out the old channel that goes around what used to be Reynoldsburg island. We started out fishing with no current and night crawlers. Caught a few fiddlers, the kind you can hold up to the light and see thru them.and then i noticed that they had started to pull just a little current. I bated one hook with night crawlers and the other with garlic soaked chicken livers . just as the current picked up and I was exercizing my elbow i almost got my arm tore off. Within about 6 minutes we caught 7 whites about 4 to 5 pound one after the other , then all of a sudden the current chut off and so did our fishing. It was almost instant with the current. The thing that was strange was all the whites were stuffed full , I only catch and release so I didn't ckeck to see what they were full of,but i do know they were real excited with the chicken livers and garlic. I was pulling off the old river bank in about 8 ft droping to 35 ft about half way was when they nailed it .. On my way back in the morning. But with turkey livers.. do you all have a lot of thick grass growing where you are. The only places that are clear here is the main channel and the mouth of the creeks
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    where was you fishing

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    Shelbyville, TN
    Congrats on getting out there and on the catch too. Keep us updated of future outings