finally got some water time....

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    FINALLY, got out on the water for an extended period of time.

    Hit Cheatham dam ramp at 630 and headed out. Was on the water from 630 till bout 2. The fishin was not stellar, as there was little current in the cumberland all day long, but it was a Great day that the Lord had made.

    Threw jigs and cranks early, hopin for whities, yellows, rockfish, bucketmouths..heck drum...LOL. Had no takers for quite a while. Dad finally landed the first fish of the day...a 5 inch yellow bass. At least his skunk was off :roll_eyes:

    Quite a bit of time went by and i got my first one in... a nice 13" yellow on a crankbait. :smile2:

    We caught a few skippies, a couple small sauger, then i caught the big fish of the day on a 18" hybrid :big_smile:

    Dad grabbed a "take home for dinner yellow" that was about 12"

    Then he hung into another yellow that was fightin real hard. I pulled my line in quick to help land the beast and.... it turned out to be a 2 lb channel...heh :embarassed:

    We tried a few holes with the cut-up skippies that we had caught earlier, but there were no serious takers. The W started gettin busy so we headed over to the fish cleaning station to end our adventures for the day.

    Ahhhh...i feel much better now

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    Clarksville TN
    glad you enjoyed your day out. i my self went out for shell cracker today and ended up with 35 it wasnt a good day but it was a nice day out.
    hey we are getting together here in clarksville in june look up the tread on tn local..