Finally Got Some Monsters For The Boat!!

Discussion in 'MONSTER ROD HOLDERS' started by Pip, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. Pip

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    Finally got off my duff and will be adding 12 Monster's to my boat. Albeit, second handed, when I just happened across a deal I couldn't refuse. But I really don't think it will matter The Monsters are quality built. The proof came recently with the one that Tanner found at the Cebala's championships that was run over. It might have been bent, but it didn't break. Or, the video of the young one reeling in a big 61#er while the rod was still in the holder. It if can take that kind of abuse, I can't see any fish doing any worse.

    Steve has always put out a good product and the thought process into these products, is evident in the design and workmanship, always looking to improve. From the Akwa-Lung system to the fast growing popularity of the Monsters. Steve is doing it the right way and not cutting corners. Will be interesting in 5 or 10 years to look back and see how Steve has come along and evolved from the very first Monster produced to where he will be at in the future. All this starting when he had a big fish bust off his rod holder and lost his own rod and reel and who knows how big of a fish.

    Something tells me that he will be expanding to offer these products for all fishermen, not just the guys with the boats chasing the big cats. He is definitely positioning himself with quality products for the Tournament fishermen or us guys that just get out for the fun of it. Catfishing is just about ready to explode into the main stream in the next few years. It is going to be people like Steve that helps the sport with offering quality products that are the real deal.

    Thanks Steve, looking forward to seeing your involvement in the future and how it evolves and revolutionizes the sport. I know of one SeaArk that will be sporting those good looking Monsters. Quite a few different people fish with me in a years time. I'm sure they will appreciate being able to view these Monsters in action. I know The Akwa-Lung has opened some eyes from people that have fished with me in the small tourney's around me.
  2. Steve Douglas

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    thanks for the kind words pip! altho you got a great deal on you new/used monsters, it sadens me though, to know the circumstances as to how you uptained them!

    at least i know now that they have found a good home!

  3. oldheavyd

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    they are great rod holders. my son convinced me one morning to purchase them and he talked me into it. and ive never been so glad to have such a product.
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    looks likei'm going to have to order about a dozen on monday the look great and sound even better:wink:
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    West Tn
    Buddy sure glad you have the boat rigged out with the best rod holders on the market. I got to see those things in person back in Sept on a boat. And your right there build Tough.
    I think there will be monsters on my boat before long.. Steve sure has the market covered when it comes to rod holders..

    BEHITJ New Member

    What he said!!!