Finally got into a good one, new PB

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    Was fishing the Red River in a Fargo ND tent camping site. About 6:00 this evening, I had one line out close to the bank with a chunk of cut sucker on it. I saw my rod tip do a slow pull, then a slow return back up, then a lot of slack showed up. I took up the slack, it tightened up, I set the hook and knew instantly that I was into a good one. Started out slow and I just slowly started lifting it up. When it got close to the surface it woke up, left a huge boil, and proceeded to scream line from my reel.

    Out and back, up and down, twice tried to get to a down tree, twice turned just before it could reach it. I sat there in my chair laughing and grinning.

    My fishing partners freaked when they saw how big it was. My wife cindy is standing at the bank with the net. When he comes up and rolls right at the surface she squealed, dropped the net and jumped back. "I'm not going to try to net that monster, give me your rod, YOU net it. No no no no no I won't. :)
    I just sat there in my chair laughing like a crazy man and played him to a standstill. Then slid his nose up on the mud and eventually was able to slip the net up on him from behind and hoist him up the bank.

    13 pounds even on my new scale.

    New personal best that I can say for certain how much it weighed. Certainly the best for me so far this year. And if not bigger than cats I've caught in days gone by at least AS big as any I've caught.

    Its been a while coming but it was worth the wait. :)

    Sharing it with my fishing partners just made it that much sweeter. We'll laugh for years about this one I think.