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So for the first time ever I get a chance to fish roosevelt. Got a call saturday afternoon from Bubbacat While I was at work. He was on his way to rosie around 1:30. I Didn't make it to schoolhouse till around 7. Dave was unable to catch gills. So we head back to the salt with worms,shrimp & some special liver from daves butcher.
The weather was great. It seemed The Channels started biting after we got settled in to our spot. Dave was catching most of the night. I fished carolina rig & dave fished with his bait suspended about a foot off the bottom. I didn't get a bite all night. Well I did but....MMmm All I'm gonna say it was daves fault that it got away Even though he will blame me.:shock:
In the morning I switch my rig to daves style and finally caught my first cat of the year!



lol! thanks again bubba! My wife gave me a to do list today.. I should be able to knock it out this afternoon!
Man, if only my wife would give me a list I could knock out in a afternoon?? I get list's that will take a life time:freaked-out: Have to keep putting in to get a visa to go fishing:Happy:
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