Finally caught a few on lower White

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    I have been hitting some stretches of the White down south the last couple weeks and barely getting any bites on cut Bluegill(besides catching a turtle). This is anchoring in several deep holes, creek mouths, logjams, and the main channel. After being frustrated today I decided to give drifting a try. I set up to bounce the bait near the bottom and got all 3 poles snagged the first hundred yards, I decided to throw the infamous Kat Bobbers on, I had the bait about 7 feet below the surface in 8-15 feet of water. It took no time when I had my first action on the bobbers but no hookset. A few minutes later I hooked and landed a 5 lb blue cat. One pole(bass rod) I was still bouncing on the bottom and it bent over in half. I thought I was snagged again but definately hooked a nice one. I struggled dancing around the other two poles, dropped the dipnet in the water and on the second swoop I landed a 12 lb blue cat. I have never tried drifting before and I suggest giving it a chance if you haven't already.

    Also a story on the bluegill. I tried to catch a few last weekend at Glendale FWA but the first inlet I fished only caught one. So on my way to another spot I stopped by the fish cleaning station and took 15-20 carcasses of what the guys were cleaning. I went back again yesterday and filled a 3 gallon bucket full of them to put in the freezer. Turns out to be a cheap and easy way to get bait!!

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    congrats yes those turtle like cut bait