Finally back to fishing I hope!

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    Well, I have been helping my wife in any small way I can(gophering mostly) since she opened the Fristoe Cafe and Ice Cream shop. I think I'm going to get to go fishing tomorrow for the first time in about three weeks. My GPS is off at Lowrance for repair so I'll have to wing it. Has the spawn started on LOZ? Whats the water temp on Truman? Anybody getting any Hybrids on G3 yet?
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    Good to hear from you Ron, if your wife needs any help at that ice cream shop I'm usually good for a solid half gallon a night, if it's the right flavor. lol
    We caught some channel cats on LOZ over the weekend and they were full of eggs. the larger fish we returned as they were as plump as a laying hen with constipation. Eggs looked well developed and as full as they were of them I can't believe it isn't happening right now or in the very near future. What we couldn't find on our end of the lake was shad.... no where, we saw one school on the graph and they were gone and we couldn't locate them again. Around the dock there were a few but not the usual schools of them when we throw out food. Let us know how you do.

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    think the blues are starting to spawn up here on the river, we were just under 80 a couple of days ago. definetely slower the last week.
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    Hi Ron - I was wondering where you'd been. Hope the new restaurant is going well; Fristoe could certainly use a good restaurant!

    Water temp around KK Island was 78 to 80 on Monday and the wind was fierece - so I have an idea the surface temp extends quite a ways down.

    My brother and brother-in-law were on the white bass last weekend somewhere above Bucksaw. And they were tearing up the whites and hybrids on KK Island last Monday. One guy came by trolling and we heard a big commotion - he had turned the boat around to chase a big hybrid that was stripping line. The darned thing ended up going through several of our lines but he finally got it up to the boat - must have been about 12 or 15 lbs; biggest hybrid I've ever seen for sure.

    Good luck - let us know how the fishing goes!