Finally after 2000 miles and 6 tanks of gas I caught some fish

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    My wife and I spent all last week in florida. We went to see a light house and low and behold there was a fishing pier nearby. Man, when I seen that I started getting the fever. The next day I went to the bait shop to look around. After leaving I had this overwhelming feeling to purchase a new rod and reel and try my hand at some salt water fishing. After a restless night I got up the next morning and headed to the bait store. I purchased a 7' Quantum Boca Rod and a Penn 310 Gti reel. Wednesday I went to the pier and caught some bait with a throw net. I baited up my new rig and after 20 minutes of untangling a back lash(I was so excited I forgot to tighten my spool) the rod bent over and the line started stripping from the reel. The 8/0 circle hook had done its job and it was up to me to land the fish. After 20 minutes of reeling and pulling the monster arose from the water. A 30 in diameter sting ray weighing some where around a mac truck. lol. I asked my son to go get the camera so I could get pictures. While he was gone I made my way to the beach. Everyone was cheering and cautioning me about the stingray. My son finally made it back with the camera about the time my line snapped. I was so disappointed I didn't get a picture but the memory will last a lifetime.
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    It is easy to get hooked on saltwater fishing.As you found out you never know what will come out of the water when you hook something.I try to get in one or two trips a year to the gulf for some fishing.

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    I'm glad that I am not the only person to catch sting rays. I went to the Outer Banks with my daughter about 10 yrs ago. We went to the Pier in Rodathe, rented 2 outfits for the week. The guy's rod I was fishing next to doubled over and his line snapped immediately. I laughed and told him, not to worry, whatever it was would get on my line. About that time, my rod doubled over and I knew I had caught JAWS. Like you , fought my giant for about 20 minutes, started bringing it in, and it came up into the air. It was a sting ray. HUGE. Then, it took off and started going along side the pier. Everybody who was cheering for me started screaming CUT THE LINE. Thankfully, someone ran over, cut the line, and my catch went back out into the depths of the ocean. Quite an experience!!

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    Them there Ray's can bed real little bad boys there tail is just like a snake faster then he!!and then he has zapped you and there a trip to the hosp. to remove the broken barb:eek:oooh: