Fin & Feather Coralville Tournament Results

Discussion in 'LOCAL IOWA TALK' started by Burwell40, May 14, 2006.

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    Tournament yesterday, Sat, May 13th.

    23 boats.

    Tough Fishing! 10 fish and 38.+ lbs won it. My partner and I got 2nd with 10 fish and 37.+ lbs. 3rd was 31 lbs. By the way, this is something like the fifth time my parner and I have placed 2nd finish in this tournament with never a win! Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

    The record for this tournament is more than 110 lbs. which gives you an idea of how bad fishing was.

    My partner and I stuck with drifting all day in the lower part of the Res. I was amazed we placed so well. I thought we sucked.

    Several folks showed up to help clean filets which were donated to "Castaway Disabilities", an organization based at the VA Iowa City Medical Center which takes disabled veterans on an annual fishing trip to Minnesota. We hope to make this donation an annual's a wonderful cause. We also changed the rules to allow pre-fishing up to the day before the tournament to allow "out of towners" to come and scout the lake prior to the tournament. I really hope this can become a sort of mecca for Iowa Catfishers. Coralville Reservoir can have some truly outstanding catfishing. Mark your calendars for the last of April/first of May next year and plan a trek to Coralville. I'd like to see this tournament expand to 50-60 boats from all over Iowa.

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    Dunbar WV.
    congrats on a second place win. coulda been worse.

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    Congrats on placing 2nd in the Tourney! I really wanted to be in on this one, but was not able to get up there this last weekend. An all to common occurence so far this year.

    I am retired Army and applaud your support of the VA and disabled vets. I will most certainly look forward to next year.