Filters for bait tanks

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by dust777man, May 23, 2007.

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    What kind of filters do any of you use for your bait tanks? I am looking to build a tank and would like to get a good filter for it. Also where can you get one? Thanks.
  2. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    I took a 4" PVC clean out then stuck that into a 4" coupling. Then a plastic floor screen. Stick all that together. With the floor screen on bottom.
    I placed a piece of fiber batting for quilting on the bottom. Then added Activated Carbon in the middle. Then on top more of the fiber.
    Drilled a hole in the middle of the clean out top. Then added a 3/4" elbow to that.
    So far its working great. And also allows the water to fall down into the tank.
    I drilled a hole in the top of my 30 gallon tank. Where the whole filter drops down into the tank.

    I will try to get a list and pictures added.

    PS all the parts came from Lowe's in the S/D pipe section.

  3. criggster

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    I just finished setting-up a 100 gal bait tank in my garage. I first started with a smaller 50 gal, but wanted something bigger. I bought an Aquaclear biofilter from Petsmart. It filters 300 gallons per hour and has three layers of filtration. The first layer is foam, the second layer is activated carbon, and the third layer is a media with lots of surface area for bacteria to grow on.

    So far it has worked with as many as fifty small to medium size minnows. Yesterday I caught some bigger suckers (8"+) and today they are all doing well. Be sure to get some starter bacteria and start out slow with just a few fish until the bacteria colonize. And, always keep a dozen or so in the tank to feed the bacteria.

    TIM HAGAN New Member

    Well I use a chest ferzzer and a pond pump from wal mart one like for your back yard goldfish pond. The hole thing was like 50 bucks and it has worked for going on 4 years now I buy Large shinners, Black saltys. and even bluegills by the 100's and they do very well for a few weeks if needed
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    I think there is a pic of my old tank in the libary. The pump did nothing but circulate and filter large media from tank. I had a second pump that pumped water thru activated carbon for ammonion removal.
    The best tool is a test kit that will tell you how high ammon. is. Thats the big killer in a tank.
    Pardon the spelling.
    Yes, and the tip of always keeping a few fish in at all times is a really good one. That and the bacteria starter.
    Also, try to keep your water temp down in the 70's or below. Your bait will be less active, therefore creating less waste products.