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Discussion in 'Livewell and Bait Tank Review' started by hunterhnc20, Feb 24, 2009.

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    I have one of those little black ponds in my yard that I keep my baitfish in. I have two small pumps in it that keep plenty of water flow and oxygen going for my bait. My problem is that my filters get clogged up and my pumps quit working about every two days. I am going to get me two bottom feeders from the pet store this year to put in there. I'm sure this will help out some but is there a way I can make another filter to at least keep my pumps going a week? I thought about doing away with the filter in the pump and hanging a bucket full of pillow stuffing over the tank and letting the water run though that with holes in the bottom of the bucket. What does everyone think? Do any of you have anything setup like this or any pictures of something like it? Thanks and good cat'n
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    I bought one of those swimming pool filters that is used for the small above ground pools. It works good just have to change the filter. I just take mine out and clean it with the water hose. be sure to let it drain good of the water has chlorine in it.

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    For starters, try to eliminate whatever is clogging your filter. A screen on top will catch leaves, etc. Placing the tank in total shade will cut back on algae dramatically.

    Place your pump in the bottom of a bucket, along with some gravel to keep it on the bottom. Fill the remainder of the bucket with filter media.
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    Im not sure what you are useing but for years my father just used a swamp water pump with a fine screen around it.
    The outflow tube he punched holes in it and ran it down the sides and bottom of a old chest freezer that he had. He did fix a large valve at one end for draining and would take the hose to it every now and then.
    Like I said worked for years with little to no problems
    Good Luck,
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    i use a bucket with gravel in the bottom and the pillow stuufing works great
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    i DEFIDENTLY approve of your bucket idea! back when my gpa used to catfish with me he had a HUGE water trough....maybe 300gallons? anyway thats how he did it...had like a two gallon bucket cut down some and abunch of filters stacked on top of each other cut into the round shape....we didnt use the pillow stuffings that might work but everything else you said is the same and works like a charm....ull be pleasantly surprized!