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    Whitney, TX- The little German Shorthair pointer, Dot, got the hot scent of quail and locked up in a stylish point. Scott Hutchinson, Wildlife Manager for the W.B. Ranch near Whitney, sent Sandie, his pointing lab in for the flush. Our 20 gauges boomed and a couple of quail were added to our game bags. This hunt went much the same as many I’ve enjoyed at the ranch, with one exception: I was actually part of the story, rather than the ‘on the scene’ outdoors writer documenting the action with a still camera and laptop.

    My friend Richard Ray anchors the week end news for Fox 4 TV in Dallas. He also hosts his Lone Star Adventures show that airs during the 9 pm news on Sundays. Through the years, I have joined Richard on many of his shows. I remember well a show we did on hunting wild boar at Big Woods Hunting Ranch near Tennessee Colony a few years back. Richard’s cameraman, John, was behind me with the camera rolling when I stalked and shot a nice boar with my muzzleloader. John did an excellent job, as always, of capturing the action on film. This was John’s first encounter with these big, mean toothy critters and every time we get together, we devote a good bit of time to reliving the exciting hunt. I’ve had the pleasure of being on the scene for the filming of several of Richard’s TV shows. I’ve become somewhat of an unofficial scout for Richard, and I’ve pointed him to many of the outdoors related segments that he’s done on his Lone Star Adventures. In the course of a year, compiling material for this weekly outdoors column and editing the national magazine, Catfish Gold, I come across some very interesting guys and gals in the outdoors and Richard very often works them into his shows.

    Then, I remember the time I worked with Richard on a show about hunting upland birds with a muzzleloading shotgun. The dog was on point and a beautiful rooster pheasant flushed from a patch of broom weed right under my feet. I cocked the hammer, began my swing behind the bird, and pulled the trigger. Either the powder charge was damp- or not compacted enough-I have never decided which, but I knew the instant the primer sparked the main charge that something was wrong. The smokepole discharged with a weak ‘ka-pow’ and the shot string fell a few yards in front of the barrel. We watched the pheasant disappear over the treetops, unscathed! When I watched the expertly edited film on TV, I saw the beautiful setter on a staunch point, myself swinging on the bird and the discharge of the smokepole! Thank goodness for good editing! That one would have been a bit tough to explain to my muzzle loading cronies!

    Lone Star Adventures is hugely popular, both on TV and on the web site. I am happy to see the a large TV station such as FOX TV devote the time to covering topics that relate to hunting, fishing and the outdoors in general. I am amazed that other TV stations have not taken the cue and worked a show such as Lone Star Adventures into their programming.

    After our recent hunt, we drove to a ‘camp’ set up in a little draw adjacent a sheer cliff close to the Brazos River. When this show was in the planning stage, my friend, outdoors writer Bob Hood and I, were planning to break out our cast iron kettles and skillets and ‘do lunch’ there at the campsite. Bob was wrapped up that day with work and I was quick to accept the offer from W.B. Ranch 4 star chef Raul Mujica when he informed me that he and his staff would ‘set up camp’. When we pulled up to camp, there was a mesquite fire burning and a meal fit for a king warming beside the coals. Our lunch consisted of baked quail, potatoes, onions and carrots seasoned with bacon and rosemary, cooked in a big cast iron Dutch Kettle. In another skillet was fresh cornbread, done to perfection, and a big pot of cowboy beans. What a perfect ending to a perfect day. As Richard Ray gave thanks for the safe hunt and bounty we were all about to enjoy, I reflected a moment about just how much we here in the United States have to be thankful for.

    Photo by Luke Clayton

    Scott Hutchinson and the staff at the W.B. Ranch did a great job setting up this recent hunt/filming session which will air on Fox 4 TV in Dallas on Sunday, December 2 after the 9 pm. news. The show will also be online at Learn more about the W.B. Ranch at or call 800-WBRANCH.

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    Looking good Ole Buddy, enjoyed it!