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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Scott Daw, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    At 6:30 pm I harvest a doe fawn. I had seen this scrawny doe show up first. I considered shooting it at 20 yards broadside but decided to pass since there was still some time left (it was 6pm) and she was the first out into the horseshoe orchard. It was a hot day so the deer were running late from the heat. I checked my gps to see what time it was and when I looked back the doe was gone. Then a few minutes later a mature doe shows up. I took a shot at her at 30 yards and hit the ground under her. She ran 10 yards or so and started looking around so I froze. A chipmunk ran out of the hedgerow I was hiding in, so she calmed down and started feeding again. I decided to try to stalk her to get closer for a shot. I kept 2 trees between us but when I drew back to take the shot, a doe jumps to its feet out of some tall grass not 10 yards from me. At full draw I swung and shot. The doe dropped in its tracks. I thought I’d spined her so I knocked another arrow and walked up to finish her. It was a throat shot so I put an arrow in her heart. I backed out for 20 minutes to make sure she’d pass. And I tagged her. This was a mercy killing. This fawn had been hit by a car. It had a large laceration on one front knee and a smaller laceration on the other front knee. It also had a broken ankle (one back ankle was severely swollen). It wasn’t until I had her at the butcher shop that I saw the other side of her was missing most of its fur and you could see the ribs from being underweight. I still feel really bad for this fawn. Knowing what I know now. I know that I was meant to stop its suffering. Even the butcher agreed that it wouldn’t have seen winter with its injuries. I should have taken pictures of its conditions for peta. I really hate them. For them to say that hunting is creul and inhumane, to say that archery is even worse is ludicrise. Tell that to fawn that was suffering before I put it down. I ended its slow death. How is that inhumane? It was a clean shot that I followed up on immediately. The butcher said it was a jugular shot and the 2nd shot wasn’t necessary. Let me hit a peta member with my car then drop them off in a national forest to live off the land with out medical treatment and see what they think is cruel.

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    Man I can smell those tender loins cooking right now!!! Congrats buddy on job well done!!!

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    That is definitely a skinny doe. It would have died for sure this winter. You saved that deer from a slow painful death. Kudos to you.
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    good job scott, you did a good thing! some meat for the freezer too!
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    Yep, Scott, you definitely did a good thing. That poor little doe looks pitiful....and no, not because she's dead....because of all that suffering. I agree with you; how can PETA not see things like this and argue the point with us??
    Thanks for the story & the pictures.:wink:
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    nice job scott,i am glad you took that deer.