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    go up third street in hamilton and cross the bridge to where new miami starts and you will see baseball fields down on your left. the river is just south of the ball fields four mile creek runs in right there. Park at the ball fields . Walk southwest through a small patch of woods and you should come out on the point where four mile creek comes in. You might want to fish this during the day because the police will probably run you off at night for being down at the ball park. Also i fish out of a boat so i don't have any problems with parking. Hope this helps. Do you have the same problem with fishing Joyce Park after dark . Let me know maybe we can get together when the river comes back up and I'll show you some other spots.
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    washington court house,oh
    welcome to the boc milky

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    Only 2 post and you are already helping out other members. Thank you, this is what the BOC is all about. Welcome and good luck fishing
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    i dont have a problem with the police at joyce park at night. the only thing you have to do is tell the care taker you will be night fishing at the river. that big white house in the park is where he lives. i always leave a note on my dash board with my cel number on it if he needed to get a hold of me. the only thing is you are stuck fishing until he opens the park up in the morning. the gates do get locked night.