Fighting through the pain. New Personal Best

Discussion in 'Member Braggin Area' started by pendog66, Jun 28, 2006.

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    Well i decided that i would hit a new stretch of river today on the GMR. i told my dad before i left that i wanted him to go just incase i couldnt reel the fish in. After about a half hour of having a live shad out, my baitrunner sounded off. I set hook and didnt think it was that big. But about 20 yards from the bank he turned it on and i soon realised i wasnt goin to be able to get him. After a couple of minutes he broke off. I hit a small flathead there on chub and decided to move spots. On my way back i decided to stop where i have hit some nice flatheads. I noticed some baitfish action and riffles so i casted out a live shad and set the baitrunner. As i set it down and walked about 10 feet away it was sounding off. THis one i knew was big and i was determined to get it in. Since this spot is no secret there was a guy riding his bike with his kids. I flagged him down to hold the pole as i grabbed the fish. It ended up being a 30.4 pound flathead. New personal best and a sore shoulder and hand. It was fun but now someone new knows about the spot.:sad2: you cant tell in the pic, but he was beat up pretty good. And i still have prolly another month before im 100% with my shoulder.

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