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Discussion in 'Camping Talk' started by Itch2Scratch, Jan 18, 2007.

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    Write a review on your Fith Wheel.
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    I dont own a fifth wheel as of nov 30 -06 but from 16 years experience in traveling construction living in one virtually 24/7 i would like to point out what you should look for if you might be in the market for a used one first imo ask how many times it has been moved and how many miles reason being not many people think that a travel trailers worst enemy is the owner yep if you pull that thing around alot espicially at speeds greater than 60 mph it just aint gonna hold up as good the bearings are the next thing i look at for ob. reas. if it has a slide , try it out make sure it works flawlessly and the better ones have two hyd. cylinders on each slide electric jacks are a plus and the overall clenliness is a dead giveaway as how it has been treated as well as outside appearance-dents etc leaks will make them fall down quickly as well but you have the right to ask after if you buy a cheap trailer thats older you might not really be getting a bargain so look them over well to save headaches later

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    Hey Itch, I got 37' 5th wheel Raptor by Keystone. It's a toy hauler 2005. We take it to Nascar races motorcycle events and lakes. It has built in Onan 5000 watt generator. 20 gallon fueling station(pump and nozzel like gas station.) gas also for generator. I can put 2 Harleys and have lots of room left over for coolers, grill stuff like that. Normaly I take 1 harley and a Club Car golf cart. still has plenty extra space. I picked it because I wanted toy hauler but I didnt want motorcycle to be in living area. at bike rallys I like to put mine back in garage and still have a camper left over. It also has a divideing wall so gas fumes and such dont come in living area. and a screen that rolls down if you want to use it for porch with ramp door open.The Garage area is great I think it's 12x8 but could be large extra room when you take alot of people in such as Nascar races. It's triple axel with double slide outs. I love my camper but thats the good things about it... Here's what I have found.
    That long #$@ camper dont fit in hardly any camp site.
    It's 15,000# weight and 37'x8' size makes it a monster to deal with
    It cost a lot, but I cant take it to as many places as I could my 29'
    Battery box on side of camper dosent have lock...screend vent near floor does (whats the deal with that?)
    Has a lot of storage but it is mostly in the front. so for 15,000# camper which already has a 2500# tounge weight. I cant use it without overloading my trucks 9200# GVW. the extra weight should be behind trailer axels.
    But like I said I like my camper we have gone many places in it. If it could talk I would like to hear what happenend on
    I got some camping pictures but not really of camper. Check it out at their web site it's a Keystone Raptor 3612 DS mine is 2005

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