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Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by RiverKing, Nov 27, 2006.

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    well i am thinking of trading an old 1989 ford bronco w/ 140,000 miles for a 1979 17ft starcraft that is in almost perfect shape, with a 70 hp evinrude...However, the back of the boat by the motor, looks like it has had some fiberglass repairs done to it, and Im not sure how good it was fixed..ANy suggestions on how much it would cost to fix it right, either have it done professionally , or do it myself.Im not sure how to go about it...I have been in the boat before on the water..It runs like a champ..I had my truck up for sale for 1250.00, i would say this boat is easily worth 2000.00....It is nice..It would definantly make a nice fishing boat, wether i used it, or sold it..Need help with the weak spot though...Thanks
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