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Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by Jedicazador, Oct 31, 2009.

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    Hey just wanted to pass this along, I bought a bass boat bout a year ago, the finish was weathered and horrible, I tried spraying it with polyurethane it was pretty when it dried but in about a month it turned yellow. I had to sand that away and while I was polishing the chrome with a product named flitz (I've used this only on my firearms in the past), I rubbed a little on my fiberglass.
    It turned my faded finish into a nice deep glossy finish. It's held up now for some time and beads any water off that gets on it.
    The other products were gonna charge me near a hundred dollars, this stuff was was under twenty. I hope any of y'all who need to repair the finish on your boat can use this info to help your boats finish.
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    In the case of fiberglass, I think Flitz works mostly as a rubbing compound. You could probably get the same result from regular rubbing compound...which is cheaper than Flitz I believe.

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    You get the right kind of clear coat you can spray that over gelcoat properly prepped.
    Never done it but seen it done. Old man at work did it on a bassboat with real good results.