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    i have a dependable outboard and have been looking for a boat to go with it. i found an 88 bayliner, 18 foot. the boat looks pretty good except for a place on the hull. right along the waterline is a hole, about 8 inches diameter were they have gotten it into some rocks. the hole is completely through the fiberglass, but the foam backing is still intact. this and the way the hole tapers leads me to believe it was rubbed through and not impact damage. they are asking $300 for the boat and trailer and it looks like my engine and tilt should just bolt right up to it as it came off an 18' 88 bayliner. my question, is this something that is fixable? i am reasonably adept at fixing things but am no proffessional. the boat looks good enough that it would be something i would want to keep for awhile, but i do not want to waist time on a project that would only last six months. by the way, money is a factor, so if not this boat, i would just have to wait until something else fell in my lap. thanks for any help or advise you may have. you guys are a great group of brothers to have around.
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    it depends on how handy you are. fiberglass is very fixable and the repair can easily be as strong or stronger than the origional. if you want to you can fix it up to look like new. old fiberglass hulls can be found cheep and they last forever, but they get dull, wood backin rots, it depends on what you want and are willin to do. look in the library here and there should be some info on fiberglass repair.
    I prefer a good fiberglass hull to aluminum but thats personal preferance.
    good luck and tight lines!

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    I have done quite a bit of fiberglass repair work. Can you get a pic of the damage up? For the damage that you describe I would recommend using west system epoxy with and good woven fiberglass. Go to your search engine and look for West systems epoxy. There are plenty of tips on their site.
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    we had an old fiberglass canoe that we would patch fish sized hole in. we just used bondo patch kits. and our out of cammishion fiberglass boat had a 2 foot patch on it and it was just a walmart fiberglass pactch kit. my grandpa pached 2 weeks after he got it over 20 years ago the floors roted but the pach is good
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    Hi i work on lots of boats if you would like i can tell you step by step how to do it i (DONT SOUND BAD AT ALL))JUST LET ME KNOW THANKS TIMBO:big_smile: