Fiberglass Repair On Center Console

Discussion in 'Boating' started by krowbar, May 10, 2009.

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    I have a small 17' 2" center console Key West. They come with a small cooler seat built in to the front of the center console. Not very big and don't keep ice very well at all. I decided to get rid of the cooler and open up the front of the boat alot. This required more work than I thought. I had to completely remove the center console from the boat. Cut off the cooler seat from the center console. Refiberglass the front of the center console using a solid piece of fiberglass from the part I cut off and thick transom fiberglass cloth on both sides for strength. Paint the center console and reinstall. This sounds like alot of work but this gives me alot more space. Enough space for a second large cooler or a livewell. I'm wanting to make a livewell big enough to keep large catfish alive. I'm wanting to enter some local tournaments in the area. Most use larger boats but some use small center consoles just like mine. I figure if they can do it I can do it too. Here's a few pics.

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    You do good work,it looks good!!