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    I am thinking about rigging a custom sized bait tank/livewell in the front of my 20' jon boat. The only way I can do this is to frame an oval with luan board and then glass and epoxy it. I have never built a tank before other than a 20 gal bucket tank with a removable pump. On this one I would like to have a water drain and a pickup so I can fill it with the local water without having to use a bucket everytime or fill it with the hose and use baitsaver to condition the water. Is there a diagram that I can use to model my pump/filter system off of? This will be used for shad about 90% of the time then maybe some keeper fish every now and again. thanks

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    Your plywood would basicly be a lost mold. In other words not accomplishing anything much other then to form a mold for the glass.

    There is a highly flexible plywood that is used to case archways in houses.
    I've seen it in Lowes and I'm sure your larger building suppliers like Stock carries it. You can bend it easily into circles.

    The other method is relief cutting plywood. You would probally have much better luck doing this with a true marine plywood like Okoume because of its number of layers and quality lamination.

    One other material would be a foam core like Corecell or Divincycell. You can score it to achieve all kinds of shapes. Some come prescored.