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Discussion in 'Trapping & Fur Taking' started by CatfishHateMe, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. CatfishHateMe

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    Will a number 1 coilspring work for coons and will a number 1 3/4 coilspring work for coyotes? and could someone send me a pm or post on what a drag is and how to set a drown set for coons. Also, i need to know how to trap beaver. if anyone knows of any sets besides dirthole sets for coyotes and coons let me kno. thanks and would appriciate any info.
  2. warcraft1975

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    the number one would put you in a postion of you will loose more coon thn you catch.the 1 3/4 is all most to small for coyotes, but will hold on to one should you be able to get the animal to step just right.. a drag looks alot like a two pronged trebel hook with with out barbs.some even kinda resemble a treble hook haveing three prongs.the idea is the drag is fixed to the traps chain. the animal gets caught up in the trap and pulls the whole thing away getting caught up in brush.thus saveing the site and letting the animal hide.beaver are easy to me. go find a active beaver area and set up on there slides(where they come and go from the water) put down some beaver castor and a trap just under the waters surface an arms length back. the trap is hooked to a slide cable where both ends of it are staked on is in deeper water. beaver gets caught goes to swim and drowns and the end of cable.

  3. beetle

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    Jay a 1-1/2 would be a better size for coons. I use 1-3/4 for fox and do catch a few coyotes in them. A size 2 is a better size but if 1-3/4 are all you have put 2 or 3 swivels on you chain so when they twist the do not twist out your trap jaws. Also put a little more bend angle on the tabs at the base of the jaws, that will also help keep the jaws from twisting out.
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    the only coons i ever kept in a no. 1 coilspring were small enough i had to release them. the big ones would sometimes be there, but get loose as i walked up. mom wouldn't let me have a gun out by myself so i carried a tee ball bat for a 'kill stick'. those were interesting times when something didn't drown, but i always got the job done.