Fever for the flathead catfish get together

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    Woow there was some serious downtime lately but I must say that I missed it and glads things are up and going again with the new server. I know that can be a mess. One day of data was missed I believe or more so back to getting the last trip of mines out.

    Went out to the Palo Verde Canal along with the fellas (4/18/09) and had an overnight Fever for the Flatheads sha bang and here is what came up.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSfljMv9Aho for the winners circle.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfcL1BYveo0 for the picture slides.

    It was tought out there but a few of the fellas came through.

    Big one was 29.4 For Morgan Blake - la Mesa.

    2nd was 11.9 for Kurt Williams - La Mesa

    3rd was 10.8 for Larry Williams - La Mesa

    These 3 have been dubbed the title The La Mesa boys. LOL They out it down last year too.

    Here are a few pics to go along the rest are on the slide. See ya out there soon peoples and looking forward to the BOC Ca/Az gathering.


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    Los Angele

    Scott you have a good time in Vegas its been a while since I been there.
    I fished Pyramid once with big WIllie and keith. But never got a chance to eat the few small stripers I caught. Keith kept them for a fish fry he had a week or so later, LOL, but I did have a taste of the other fishes he had at his Bday get together.

    Never fished BBL but hear of the big channels they have and that is on my list. There is a guy I know that fishes there and I will get the hook up from him. As far as Corona, I am moving back to the IE soon and will be closer to you. We can hit that up anytime its been a while for me. Also the river too. You are right it is going to be a good summer. Cant wait and boat will be in tip top shape too.

    As far as events I have 3 from now thru summer.

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    Here is some information for you, Scott.
    Been a few years since I put a boat on BBL but I seem to remember their launch fee was a little high.

    As far as Pyramid lake goes it's less that an hours drive from my house.
    I fish it from the shore sometimes. I've had my inflatable pontoon out on it at times, and I've even had my sportfisher on it (never again for that).
    There is good fishing for stripers and catfish in the lake.
    Best fishing time is during the week as on the weekend it's a mad house.
    Normal hours are from about 7am till 5 pm when all boats have to be off the lake.
    If you want to give it a go let me know and I'll be glad to join you.
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    "Have the will - & will Travel" - lol:smile2:

    Hey B / Bulldog,
    If you guys are going to make a "Fishing Run" you know that I want in. :0a23:
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    who will you be rootin' for Bulldog...hatton or pacman? since my wife is from the Philippines you all know who i will be going for.......PACMAN....whether i want to or not!!:eek:oooh: