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    My friend, FuzzFace and I was fishing off Guthrie Dam yesterday with our big poles, baited out with carp about 5 or 6 inches in length. Things were pretty slow and we had all ready exhausted all the raunchy jokes and stories, told all the tall tales we could remember, when all of a sudden the pole closest to FuzzFace gave a tremendous jerk and it started spooling line out so fast the clicker sounded like it was hitting a high "c". Then the other pole jumped and started the same thing. Things were going crazy. I figured my odds of winning the lottery was better than have two monstrous bits like that. All of a sudden there was a big splash out in the lake. WHAT THE HECK. It was a very big hawk or small eagle (wingspan was about 5 feet). It took off and the poles settled down. The cotton picking thing had got wrapped up in two lines. If it hadn't of crash landed, one pole would have been in the water for sure. Too much excitement for old men like us...we packed up and went home.
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    That's wild, AwShucks! Lat week we saw a bald eagle swoop up a fish, about three hundred yards from us. He took it to the bank and we watched him through binoculars. He just stood there for a minute or two with his foot on it. Oddly enough, he then picked it up, flew off and dropped it back into the water. Strange, indeed.
    BB in SC

  3. Dreadnaught

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    Sounds like you two have got something new to chuckle about when you go next time...The One that got away, LOL!!!
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    just goes to show you right when you think you seen it all there is always something you haven't seen before.
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    Wow.. that reminds me of a time in cub scouts. My father was a den leader and we had a fishing trip to the local lake. We were all casting out and one kid cast out and whammo.. he hooked a duck that was flying down to land in the water. The bird took off and the hook was still in it! The tension was too much and the hook and all came off the bird, as well as a few feathers. :eek:oooh:
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    I know it's an internet cliche, but I really did laugh out loud just now. Thanks for sharing that story, that is a good one. Reminds me of the time the great blue heron crashed and tangled into my buddy's 80 lb spiderwire in mid flight in pitch black darkness, the profanity I heard that night still makes me chuckle. Or the time I accidentally cast and hooked a seagull in mid flight and had to reel him in from above my head to get him unhooked in front of a gathering crowd of concerned suburban joggers. Now that I think about it, I've seen alot of strange things while fishing I wouldnt believe if I hadn't been right in the middle of it.

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    Good Story Lawrence! Now we know you can catch something after all!!!:smile2:
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    sounds like a good bite thanks for sharing with us
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    Hey Lawrence where do you find those carp in that size? I am not far from you but cant seem to find em in that slot length.
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    When I was about 7 years old my Mom took me to the local kids lake/park to fish. An older man was leaving as we got out of the car and he says "you want the rest of these minnows?" "Sure, thanks" I say. I put a minnow on the hook and throw it out. This big white duck sees the splash an covers about 50 feet in two seconds, grabs my minnow and tries to swim off. All of a sudden he's flapping his wings and trying to rear back, causing a big commotion. I was a pretty timid kid, and I was sure I was going to be in big trouble for hooking this duck. He pulled and flapped and pulled and flapped and all of a sudden the hook flew out of his bill and hit me on the hand. I was relieved, but still afraid the duck police were going to take me away.

    When I was a teenager, my parents took me on vacation to Table Rock Lake in Arkansas. One night, Dad and I were catfishing on this wooden pier out on the water. It was mid-summer, and there were lots of bugs out. There were bats everywhere, scooping up insects just off the surface of the water. I'm watching this bat flying around and all of a sudden it flys into my fishing line, and crashes into the water. It was just in the water for a couple of seconds, then it took off and resumed its bug feast. I've always thought it was strange that the bats sonar had failed him, or that they can't detect Stren. Doug
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    sounds like a crazy experience.bet that bird bout soiled hisself:smile2:
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    I am laughin so hard my gut hurts.....Gotsta love fishing!(LOL)
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    Well i have a few crazy fishin stories. The first i was about ohh 10-12 years old and fishing with my older brother. I remember puttin on a chunk of cut shad on my hook and made way to the waters edge by the bank. What i didnt know was my brother was behind me baiting his lines, well i decided to reach back a country mile so i could cast wayyyy out there, soon as i whipped that pole around i felt alot of tension, my rod bend over backwards and my brother screaming with a big hook and a chunk of shad stuck the side of his head:smile2:

    Im suprised i didnt get left at the lake!

    The other weird thing that happened to me while fishing happened about 4 years ago. I was bank fishing on a local conservation lake in the evening, i had just baited up all 4 of my poles, got'em all in the water and my lines tight, well i decided to make a sandwich and when i came back i only had 3 poles! Now what was weird about this is, i came back the next day, fished the same area at the same time of evening and caught a 6lb channel with my hook, line and rod and reel still attached to him!
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    Hey porkie,

    I think it's illegal to use those birds as bait buddy...lol
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    Old Indian beliefs say when i hawk crosses your path he warns of danger! I guess that no one told him?

    Id like to see you two showing up to the house with with a bird in the livewell! :canny: Saying to your wifes "dont ask"