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    Subject: And people wonder why Katrina makes my blood boil. Do they help themselves??????

    This past weekend FEMA and the City of Austin, along with the Texas
    Workforce Commission setup a job training/hiring/interview/job fair for all
    the Katrina FEMA evacuees in the Austin area to be held at the ACC campus on
    Webberville Road in East Austin. Several of the evacuees said they had no
    transportation to get from the apartment complexes, private homes, hotels,
    motels, and inns where they are living. So the city of Austin/FEMA/TWC set
    up transportation for each of them to ensure they would be able to partake
    of the benefit of job searching. The transportation consisted of nine buses
    and vans, to run from four locations in Round Rock, and five locations in
    Austin, in continuing shuttles back and forth to the campus to ensure that
    the hundreds of people looking for jobs would be transported in comfort. The
    vehicles were brought to their residences; drivers knocked on the doors; and
    every effort was made. At the end of the day, the nine vans and buses
    transported a total of one person. Not one person per bus - one person

    The bill to FEMA was $7800.
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    Why does this not suprise me any lol. It just shows that people just dont want to work to support themselves anymore. There was a job fair held here a couple of months back and a guy I know went to it to see if he could maybe find a better job there was only 15 people at it amazing to me with the unemployment rate so high here.

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    There are people who just don't think they have to work. They may think that the government is just gonna take care of them. The fact is the government, or anybody else owes them nothing if they can't get off their butts and get a job. Take a look around, the only truly succesful people are the ones who made the desicion that they were not gonna rely on someone else for their destiny but take charge of their own lives.
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    That's just sad that they think that the gov. is going to take care of them for the rest of their life. It's not going to happen, once the gov. stops, the people will be out of luck and will be searching for a job, but it will be too late, they missed their chance.
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    Why should they work? They didn't work when they were in New Orleans.

    From what I read Texas is sick of them, they would love to send them all back to where they came from. But they still get to vote for the mayor of New Orleans.