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Discussion in 'Fishing Electronics Review' started by bluehunter, Dec 11, 2008.

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    About 8 months ago I was fishing at San V and my battery went dead. I got a charge from another boat but I forgot I left my power on with the fish finder going as I was charging the battery. Ever since then I been experiencing my fish finder freezing up as it was not doing that before. I tried resetting it but it still freezes. Any sugggestions? I am really trying to not go and get another one as it is still useful i just have to restart it often due to freezing. Its the LMS 334c IGPS Lowrance.
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    brian,the best thing to do is to send it in for service.i am waiting to send one of mine in now.the lowrance support part of their website is under construction now and i talked to a lady in customer service a couple days ago that said it should be up and running any day now.as of today its still not up.you have to get a RA# before you can send it in.here is the link


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    Brian, my LMS 240 did the same thing. Lowrance customer service told me to use voltmeter to check battery, etc. Once I confirmed that all was good, they then told me that this was a problem that could not be fixed.

    I would call customer service and have the unit out w/ serial # ready to go for them. I hope you it's not the same thing. as mine