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    My wife bought me a feeder last night. Now I have to decide where to place it and I was hoping for a little input. I have a 100 acre farm I hunt that joins a hunting club that has numerous food plots. I have two ideas where to place it. One there is a travel route that joins my property to the hunting club to my neighbor. Or I can place it on a ridge with acorns and persimmons trees. The rest of the property has a lot of THICK under brush
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    What kinda feeder did ya get ?? Lets see where to put it.. IMO You already have acorns and persimmons on the ridge so thats already goin to draw deer in for sure... The travel route to the hunt club the deer will eat ur feed and continue on or off the hunt club so they might also advantage from that.... I would use it to draw in deer to a new location.. They will bed in that thick under brush... I'd find a spot away from the hunt club boundry and away from the ridge... Give em a 3rd option.. Maybe close to so really thick stuff... It'll give em some comfort when the pressure is up later in the year.. Make sure you can get a good stand location on it and set it up there.... It'd give you a early and late season option.. Maybe set up a game cam on it to see whats using it... Thats what I would do probably

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    Put it right close to some of that thick stuff and they will be more comfortable eating there before dark. Any noises and they'll just jump back in the thicket. At my house they come out before dark and eat. But if a car comes down the road they perk up and step back in the thicket long before I can even hear the car coming. When the car passes they step back out.