Feedback On Buying A Tracker Grizzly Boat

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Ranger350V, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Ranger350V

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a NEW member to Catfish!.com.I'm thinking about buying a Tracker GRIZZLY 2072 or 1860 within the next 6 months. I know nothing about them except for looking at them at Bass Pro Shops and they seem to have a good price compared to other brands of Jon Boats I've seen. I would appreciate any feedback,Both GOOD and Bad! Durablity,Handling in Rough Water,etc!

    Thanks In Advance For Any Feedback!

    Happy Catfishing Everyone!


  2. Arkansascatman777

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    Jed, welcome to the BOC/SOC :cool2:, best catfishing site on the web!

    Big Sam has had a lot of problems with the welds breaking on his 2072 where the front deck is welded to the sides. We won an 1860 in a bass pro tournament this year and I sold it back to the dealer because of all the weld problems and other issues Sam has had with his. I would look past them and go with a seaark.

  3. don3778

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    [​IMG] New 2008 SeaArk Pro-Cat 240 (Video)

    See the video under the boating thread!

  4. rrssmith

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    google bass tracker boat complaints(or any boat you want to buy) and see what other people say about them...might be helpful?
  5. Katmandeux

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    Checotah, Oklahoma
    Nothing on the boats specifically, but my experience with BassPro branded products has been mixed, at best.
  6. Big Sam

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    Booneville AR

    Well sorry to say I bought a brand new one:tounge_out: it is nice and i like the way it performs but durability is shot to hell!!!:eek:oooh: I got it in nov last year 2072 griz custom cat edition 115 optimax love the motor!!! It broke welds in december january febuary repaired the welds twice....pulled rivets...pulled & cracked panels..... re-broke the sucks Structurally it is at the factory in mizzou since aug 15th aint heard nothing yet...they wont replace the boat for some reason.....and there slow as hell.....even if they get mine right...i would not invest ever again to Tracker Marine ever!!!!
    I am sure there are satisfied folks out there...but wait till ya need service...
  7. ncfowler

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    Don't let price drive you, for a few bucks more you can pick up a better boat. there are several different brands not far from BPS price range. I have a lowe 1860 center consol and never looked back, what i would do is see what is offer in the packages, the biggest things are the motor and trailer, tire size and warranty. things to look at when buying a boat is the welds they should look like pennies stacked on each other not dripping or runny, look at all bends to see if there are any stress cracks from bending, Also see what seat posts is used and if they are a common item in marine stores. The trailer should have the biggest tires on it in the 14" or even 15" range, Make sure the motor in the package is a name brand and not a sub brand, In the long run the parts you may need will be there when it comes time to replace them, On my boat i opted to go with a 4 stroke but i would have went with a e-tek if they were out when i got my boat. Last but not least you can never have enough storage or room in a boat, so look for storage and go as big as you can afford.
  8. Bait Boat

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    Arkansas. Green
    Might look at F&F boat in monticelo arkansas They build what you want
    were you want it. Bullet proof:smile2:
  9. Dave L

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    A fellow member, friend of mine (warreneichner) has a tracker, not a jon but a v.
    It it only about a year old. He brought it out on the 4th of july this year and the boat started to sink. Turns out the hull is full of cracks in the middle of the panels, not near rivets or welds.
    The boat sat at the dealer the rest of the summer waiting to go back to the factory for repair. It just went to the factory last week. I told him he should trade it in for a different brand when it gets back. If that was my boat I would be pissed! They must be using some sub standard aluminum to build these things.
  10. BigOBear

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    I have their pro crappie. Haven't had any problems with it, yet. It's has enough deep section the wee ones aren't falling out while fishing in choppy water. It's pretty stable with my 265lbs walking around in it. I might could use more storage, but I really like that low floor space with the youngans. It's light enough to run a trot line in if the wind isn't too big. I bump into stumps, trees, rocks alot with it with where I fish... nothing broken yet (prop's starting to get banged up pretty good... reckon I'll be getting an ss one before long). Light enough and balanced on the trailer that I can pick the tongue up easy enough so I'm not too worried about pulling it behind the tt. Powerful enough to pull the kids on skis and tubes. Spent some time looking for a boat that would do all of hte little things I wanted it to do before I settled on this one. Sure hope the structure doesn't start giving way like some of yall's has. I'm pretty rough on it sometimes. Let's see... have had it since about March. I did hear a slightly different pitch of the motor while idling last time I was out. Thinking there might be something loose. Will let ya know what I find. Good luck.
  11. raybait1

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    SE Texas
    I have a 1436 riveted tracker. I have had no problems with it. I got mine from a tracker dealer not BPS. Only thing I regret is not getting a bigger one.
  12. micus

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    Lake St. L
    I've had a Fisher 1754 "Blind Duck" with a 75 hp Merc 4s for three years with no problems with the hull. It's made by Tracker and is the same boat as a comparable size "Grizzly". It's had a rough life as I tend to be hard on boats.:big_smile:
  13. tiny b

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    Take your time and look a bunch of different brands then figure out what you want in a boat. DON"T settle on something that you can get by with. Been there done that. I'm looking to upgrade my boat to a bigger one now. Good luck on your quest for the perfect boat.
  14. Mickey

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    Jed Welcome to the BOC, from So. Illinois. Take your time and get the best boat you can afford and don't look back.