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    I'm so tired of reading crap about how A silva's last two fights were less than impressive and he needs to show up to fight. (just read one on yahoo). Are these people clueless or am I? If you guys think I'm out of the box, please reply and set me straight, no hard feelings, I will appreciate the knowledge. This is how I feel: Cote came unprepared and didn't really want much of the spider and ending getting hurt, fluke or not. Not Silva's fault. thieles or what ever his name was: BJJ grand champion, ran from any aggression that Silva displayed and layed on his back hoping AS would come and wrestle with him, his takedown attempts were humerous at best. If you are going to beat the champ, you have to come the octagon prepared to shoot or strike, if shooting doesn't work you gotta fight it out oldstyle. I see niether of these fights being AS's fault. He could have made them more exciting by applying techniqes outside of his plan, like purposely engaging in BJJ with a guy that BJJ is his only talent. But why, do I walk a guy in the bottom of the ninth to load the bases when I'm up 1 run with 2 outs, cause that's exciting for the fans, of course not. Good job to Dana White, Forrest Griffin, unless I'm wrong. will show up to brawl, he usually does. These writers remind me of our political analysist, so far off the truth. they like to analyze this bill and healthcare reform when anyone should see, Politicians don't give a damn about us or the legislation, all they care about is making the president fail so they can control the white house for the next four. The D's did it to Bush, The R's are doing it to Obama and I listen to Larry King talk about fictional bullshit that should be of concern but it isn't. O.K I'm done. Feel free to give me a light on the subjects.
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    Matt i think that most folks wanted silva to finish those to jabrones as he did have his oppurtunities to do so in both. but he stuck to his gameplan and didn't get baited in and won both. to me a win is a win no matter how you look at it. i think siva was bored really in those fights and tried to put on a little bit of showmanship. cote getting hurt messed that up as i'm sure he would have ended it soon enough. the other fight that guy should never be allowed in the cage again. that was just plain rediculous. but whenever someones on top like that people look for any reason to throw stones and they are. face it people want highlight reel knockouts or submissions all the time especially when they pay big money to see someone who has been as dominant as silva. but you know as well as me that doesn't happen all the time. and it takes two to make a good fight. his last two opponents could talk the talk but in no way could walk the walk. they were outmatched from the get go and went in scared. weird no one seems to give those two as much heat as silva seems to get over those matches. no matter what though the fans will get what they want out of this next fight. should be all action the whole way through and maybe those other fights will be forgotten soon enough.

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    I agree :cool2:
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    I agree with ya too. I think most folks want to see a home run everytime and anything less is a letdown from one of the p4p best.
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    I'm with all of you guy's, silva has been so dominate and dynamic in finishing all of his fights that is has come to be expected of him. his last two fights were against good opponents but he's in a league of his own plan and simple. It's going to be lovely to watch him in light heavy as long as they put him against rashad evans first so he can knock the fu&* outa him like lyoto did. I hate rashad!!!!!
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    I'd like to see Siva vs. Fedor like oldschool UFC, no weight classes. Silva would probably still win. Fedor's a chump running from the real fighters.