Feb 7 Report: New PB!....Muzkrat

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  1. JPritch

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    Lynchburg, VA
    James (Muzkrat) tagged along for a fishing trip yesterday. Left Lynchburg bright and early at 2:30am. Got to the ramp at 5am hoping to get bait and partake in the "morning bite". Wasn't meant to be. Set the gill net in Deep Bottom for two hours for 1 cutter. We were headed back to the ramp to take out and go fish downriver where I know I can find bait. Ran into RiverLizard and he pointed us to a spot where we could throw for medium sized shad, and it was a great tip. Even with my 3ft Wal-Mart cast net, we were able to get enough bait for the day in about 20 minutes of throwing. Off to the first hole!

    Well....damn tilt was stuck again. It's not an ice in the hydraulics as I had suspected. Something else is wrong.:confused2: So we putter down the looop at a walking pace with the prop just barely under the water, kicking up a monster wake. If anybody saw a Cape Craft going reallly reallly slow yesterday and kicking up a huge wake, that was us! So we only fished the loop yesterday.

    Bite was super slow. We only had two bites - and that includes dink nibbles and all. But one of them was sweet. We were just about asleep basking in the warm sun when a rod goes down hard and James pops up to get the fish. The rod is shaking in the holder and he's having trouble getting the rod from the holder. He finally gets it out and fights the fish to the boat. It kept getting bigger and bigger the closer it got, and I even had trouble lifting it into the boat.

    The fish went 56# and was 46" long. It's James' biggest fish and the largest fish landed in my boat yet. James was stoked and it's always a good feeling to put somebody on a nice fish or PB, so I was stoked too. We only fished a couple more spots all day as the wind picked up big and went back in around 5pm.

    I'd like to add, Mike (Cameron_Krazie) and Redcat (Bruce) offered to lend assistance getting my tilt unstuck. Mike hopped aboard and had his arm in the water up to his shoulder trying to find the manual release. He got my unit lowered enough to where I could go faster but still get my boat up the ramp. Bruce gave me his screwdriver so I could adjust the tilt for the road. Great guys and they give catfishermen a good name. Thanks guys!

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  2. Paraguayguy

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    Great looking fish. Glad to see you gotem. Sorry about the boat problem. I am going tomorrow. Forcast is 56 with light winds. Calendar fish symbol says good.

  3. Dallison

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    Congrats on the new PB....
    Can't wait till spring.
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    Shelbyville, TN
    Sounds like a good trip, congrats on the new PB!
  5. catfish chaser

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    miamisburg, oh
    Real nice blue cat congrats on the catch
  6. muzkrat

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    great report josh. man what a day of fishing. everything went wrong and i kept telling josh it would get better and wham!!!! my new PB 56 lber. great weather... good friends... and got to dance with a fat girl. life is good:roll_eyes:
    can not wait to get back. it was great to see other posters and it was great to see fishermen checking on each other and helping each other out. kudos to the group. i need to start pumping iron if i keep fishing with josh. them fat gals are a handful to pick up. again life is good.
  7. jeremiad

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    Congratulations on catching your PB! You can't go wrong hanging out with Josh. Now, if he can just get that tilt problem fixed so you can make better time...:wink:
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    Spring Run, PA
    Congrats...very nice fish!
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    dayton ohio