Fear...What is your highest level?

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    Has there ever been a time when you felt the heebie jeebies from head to toe...the bottom of your stomach suddenly drops... your pounding heart literally jumps out of your throat...and you come up with full sentences of never heard before curse words that comes from deep within your psyche?

    Perhaps it's a near head on car crash...or you're caught trying to cross a railroad trestle while carrying your fishing gear when an oncoming train has suddenly showed up....maybe you nearly capsized your boat while duck hunting in 36 degree water when a rouge wave pounded you from behind.

    One time I was wade fishing a riffle in my local river...the water was slightly on the rise...and we were in the knee deep section beneath the dam.

    We were literally pounding the blue cats and channel nearly every cast.

    The water level kept creeping up...finally it was impossible to keep a foothold anymore in the now hip deep swift current.

    We started heading for the shore...when we missed our landing mark...and got swept into water over our heads.

    The heavy 15' rope stringer was wrapped around one of my legs...and I had my best rod in my hand. (Didn't intend on losing either)

    So here I am...paddling one handed...and kicking with one leg.

    Unsuccessfully staying afloat consistently...I went under 5 times...and each time I touched bottom...and kicked my way back up to the surface in the 8' deep water.

    Not even thinking...I still have ahold of my rod.

    I managed to get within a few feet of my cousin...and just as he grabbed my hand...I could touch bottom again.

    He took my rod...cut my stringer...and I stumbled to the shore.

    When I reached the edge...I fell to my hands and knees...and crawled the rest of the way out of the river...and then started puking up the rancid river water I had swallowed during the ordeal.

    Then I just laid down on the mud bank...and slept for 45 minutes while my cousin went for the truck...and then loaded our gear up.

    When I came to...my hair was all matted from the mud my face was lying on...and was I lying half in and half out of the rising river water.

    I was scared sh!tless that I was going to drown.

    That was a close one. :eek:oooh:

    Lesson learned...ALWAYS carry a sheath knife thats easily accessable...drop the rod if the situation calls for it...don't allow out so much slack from your stringer... use your better judgement...and leave the river the next time that little voice in your head tells you it's time to go.

    If you're like me...you have these fishing buddies who are tougher than nails.

    Corn fed Kansas farm boys.

    They aren't scared of NOTHIN'. And I do mean NOTHIN'!!

    Or so they say...lol.

    Want to know how to tell they are in fact scared when you're cutting across the main lake at 60 mph...going from wave top to wave top in the 3-4' whitecapping waves?

    Each impact of each wave feels like it will shake the rivets loose out of your hull...and dislodge the fillings out of your teeth...which are gritted....while holding your breath.

    First look at their facial expression.

    Is it somewhat tense looking?

    Are his eyes open so wide that they might fall out of his head?

    Are his eyes closed?

    Is he talking to himself?

    Or...is he a REAL hardcase with an almost stoic and bored look?

    Well...trust me...that's a front.

    The best way to tell if he's about to puke...is to look at his hand where he's holding onto the railing on the side of the boat.

    White knuckles don't lie! :wink:

    Share your most harrowing experience(s)!!!
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    mishaps on the river happen all the time like the time a buddy of mine was blowing down river and hit a wingdam and tore the whole lower unit of his boat was floating helplessly in the middle of the river while a barg was headed right for them. ultimatly before the situation was over there was coast guard fire trucks ambulances and any other special emt guy you can think of there at the ramp and in boats trying to save these two guys. they missed the barg by about 15 feet and the barg never even saw the boat when we radioed him. luckly they had a ore but wat they really needed was a flare. Always remember it cant hurt to have a flare on your boat in case you get into some trouble. Also another time a buddy of ours was in trouble was when there boat motor died in heavy current infront of some barges anchored up on the river. Next thing you know is that there caved up against the barg trying to hold themselfs afloat along with the boat. Two boats tried to help but was unsucessful. coast gurad saved them. The moral to the story is dont ever turn your motor off until you know that the anchor is super secure.:roll_eyes:

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    Fort Worth, Tex
    I cant find the old thread but a couple of years ago we had a member gathering at Texoma and my wife and a friend and me were fishing gfrom my bass boat, the water was 60 ft deep and it was windy and the water was cold were were anchored and fishing in the more calm waters, we had been out for about 45 minute when I happened to look back and all I saw was the back of my boat under water, my bilge pumps quit working and I was taking on water. Mind you, I'm disabled and can't swim. All I could say was cut the anchor and cut your lines we're sinking. I started the motor and gave it full throttle all the way back to shore but was going very fast, I was causing wakes in a no wake zone but didn't care at that time. Some of the brothers came running to our aid and we spent several hours trying to get my boat back on the trailer.
    If anyone can find that thread, it was posted as "See what the brothers do for other brothers" it has some good pics in it too.
    We were pretty scared that we were not going to make it back to shore.
    Some of the members that have been here a few years ago may remember that.
    All in all we still had a good time.
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    i think the most terrfifed i have ever been... hummmm.... prolly the time me and 2 of my lil bro.s were playing around in the river swamps. we had waded into some deeper water of a palmetto pond, just exploring the delta and being boys. we were almost to this big hump in the middle of the pond when we saw 2 big big 12'er gators slide off of that hump and head to our direction b4 going underwater. at first my bro.s and i tried to run back the way we came. but, gumbo mud and waist deep water really slow you down. being the oldest i decided that we should all group up together shoulder to shoulder and slowly walk back out of the swamp. at the time (14 or so) i knew we were dead. looking back now, i imagine those 2 gators just burried themselves in the mud like all the ones we didnt see.

    truth be told, i did a lotta things that i prolly wouldnt have the guts to do now. but that is the beauty of youth.

    i think the other time in my life i have been scared whitefaced. was watching the howitzers blast the border and hearing my gunny say "roll out".
  5. FishMan

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    Two things in life scare me to near stroke level.

    1. Being burried alive.

    2. The color Pink.......LOL
  6. baitchunker

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    pink thats funny.

    me and some buddies have an ongoing golf wager. whoever shoots the highest score has to wear a pink shirt and drink his beer from a pink hugger the next time we play. it gets real competetive.
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    About five years ago i was fishing from a canoe in fast water on the Hudson river. The river sets in a valley and is notorious for high winds that come up unexpectedly. I was headed upriver and started to turn the canoe to drift back down and a wind gust hit me broad side and flipped me. One mile downstream is a dam, i have no life vest and I'm 100 hundred yards from the shore in fast water that is 15 ft. deep. When the canoe flipped my anchor went out and caught bottom. So now I'm hanging on for dear life and there isn't a soul around that i can see. Several times i thought about trying to swim for the bank but i have C.O.P.D. and was pretty sure i wouldn't make it.

    I hung onto the canoe for two hrs. before a bank fisherman wandered into view and i started yelling. It took him a while to see me, because all that was sticking out of the water were my shoulders and head. I didn't know it at the time but he had no cell phone and had to drive five miles to the nearest house to call for help. He came back down to the river while waiting for the rescue squad to get there. By now its about 45 minutes before the sun sets. Fifteen min. after making the call the rescue squad arrives and sends out two divers in a motorized rubber boat. Not only did they save me, but were able to flip my canoe and tow it back in. That's about as scared as ive ever been.
  8. Dano

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    I'll have to get back to this one. I got a ton of them from child hood days till last week. LOL. Some funny , some not so funny. :tounge_out:
  9. SSgt Fishslayer

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    south carolina
    heights get to me. after returning from my last deployment, we flew from Iwakuni Japn, to Okinawa, to Miramar, to Yuma. the plane ride was fine and dnady, until we went to land in yuma. I had been gone for over 7 months, had a broken leg and had spent the last 27 hours in an airplane. Now we are flying into my home station where my family is waiting and they announce that the first officer will be landing the plane. i glance out the window and notice we are coming in really steep and really fast. i have been on many planes before and know typically how most of them come in for a smooth landing. this one was coming in way to fast and steep for it to be smooth. well we hit the ground and the entire plane bounced back up. we hit the ground again and bounced back up. we bounced 3 times before we were on the ground for good. i have been shot at, mortared, been fighting, in vehicle accidents, and nothing scared me like that did.
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    The worst I have been scared is when lightning is hitting the water and I'm in my aluminun boat. I have been caught out like that a few times, I usually try to keep close to shore as lightning is supposed to hit the tallest object. I don't want to be that tall object.
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    Blacklick, Ohio
    I believe it was when I said "I..............do" :smile2::big_smile::crazy::wink::tounge_out:
  12. Wil

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    Minden Nebraska
    one cold brisk dark december night my grandpa and i decided to take our coondog ,ole jake, out coonhunting. it was a real slow night at first hed strike and track for about 15 minutes each trail but itd be slow goin. my grandpa gave up for the night so i said id take jake home when we got done in a few hours. finally about a half hour after that he just lit up when he got by this one pond and i mean he was goin 50 mile an hour on that trail and he finally treed about 80 yards from where he struck in this big ole rotten cottonwood. this thing we were sure was hollow but we looked up and we saw these 2 big ole sow coons. i get my 22. up and i shoot both coons out at the same time.. big mistake.. because jake was tough but he wasnt THAT tough.. those coons came crashin down and he smacked into both of them for the fight of his entire life. the bigger sow he got to first and he was workin her over but then the other came to after she hit and got on his back and just started tearin him up, he let go of the bigger one and tried fightin the small one off but the big one got under him and latched onto his neck and just clawed and bit the hell out of him and im fearin for my buddies life so i got the gun up and was gonna shoot the big one off but i didnt have a clear shot so i just had to wait until i had the chance.. the shot never came so i finally got fed up of watchin my dog get the hell beat out of him so i go over with the butt of my 22. and just swing away at that big coon(by this time she was more off to the side so i could golf swing) well i hit her square in the face and she goes tumblin and jake gets his footing and starts workin over the small one good.. shed be done in about 15 seconds. well why hes workin the little one over that big one comes to and boy was she maddd. shes comin at me so fast i hardly had time to think all the experience in me screamed "GET YOUR GUN UP NOW!!!" so i did and i pulled the trigger.. click... i tried to reload but the bolt was jammed probably from hitting the sow or somethin idk really. so im backin up and reachin for my knife which i remembered when i couldnt find it that i left it at the house.. so im backin up and backin up but that coons gainin on me and shes still really pissed off. i wasnt watchin where i was goin and i tripped over a fallen limb from this old rotten cottonwood and so im on my back and this 25 pound angry sow coon is comin at my teeth and claw in all and i scream for my dog who was just finishing the little coon and he comes running, just as that coon started tearin at my coveralls jake comes to my rescue and jumps on that sows back and bites down on her throat as hard as he could and that was the end of it.. that coon woulda tore me up like no other and i owed a lot to that dog.. a few years later ole jake died of cancer and it still brings a tear to my eye to tell this story.. but if i know one thing for sure it that me and that dog had something special from the moment we saw eachother.. i saved him from traps and bobcats for a long time ever since he was learning and he returned the favor that night and ill always remember what he did for me...

    enjoy the story brothers and sisters i love you all
  13. Wabash River Bear

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    Back in the 80's when my brother and myself worked at a local fish hatchery, a tornado passed right over us. We had just seined a pond and were hauling a load of fingerlings into the shipping house when the sky turned black, then green. The rain hit, couldn't see past the glass. Keep in mind we were driving on a levey between two ponds with a 6000# truck. This all happened so fast it caught us by surprise. The truck was rocking around in the wind like it was nothing. After about 10 minuts of getting pounded the sky cleared. We were astounded by what we saw. To the left of us a locust grove on the hillside was completely topped out about 1/8th a mile wide, to the right the same thing. We were in a small valley between the two. The twister had skipped right over us! We were freaked out. Dodged a bullit!
    About a week later we got permission from our boss to cut firewood and posts from the damaged trees. Cool, free firewood. Burn some, sale some. Great deal! Nice tall straight locusts, not a limb or leaf on them. One Saturday afternoon we were cutting, I had just notched a nice one (probably 16"+ at the stump and better than 20' tall) and had started my drop cut, when I heard what I thought was a rifle shot. Before I knew it, the tree skyrocketed straight up over my head spinning like a top. I dropped my saw and ran, I tripped on a root and began to fall. On my way down the tree caught up to me, smacking me across my back, pancaking me into a small dip. It hit me like a train. All said and done, there was just enough room for me shimmy out from under it. Too close! Where was my brother? There he was sittin on a stump with a cig hangin out of his mouth, white as a ghost, shakin. He was sure I was dead. So did I. After a few thought gathering beers, I remember telling him. "Damn Doug, that friggin (< edited for content) tornado is gonna kill me yet!" Apparently the tornado had twisted the tree internally when it tore the top off it, leaving it standing there full of stored energy waiting to be released like a coiled spring.
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    when I was 7 years old my father passed. that summer I went to stay with my aunt at the lake.I spent july and had a great time. I did however miss my mom.When we went home my Grandma was at my house and met us on the frount pourch.I went running up to the house and Grandma said."Just take him with you his mother is gone.My heart dropped, that was the same words said when my dad passed. "Hes gone". Well my mom was gone but not dead. She went to see my sister at college and would be back the next day.So all was well. But that is the only time I have been skeered. smokey
  15. flathunter

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    I have a fear of being attacked by sasquatch...no kidding!
  16. Flintman

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    OKC, OKLA.
    Turning the clock back, bout 30 years back, there was a group of us that went, every saturday, bass fishin in our float tubes. We were in SW Okla. fishin several farm ponds, and when we got to the last one of the day 3:00 pm or so. We were going to walk to the top of the dirt dam and check it out before we carried all that gear to the fishin hole. This dam was covered with big clumps of buffalo grass, making it hard to keep your balance on the incline.
    About 1/2 way up I stumbled over a clumb of buffalo, fell down , landing on my elbows and knees, and when I heard the rattle of that rattlesnake, son I was more scared than I have ever been. I turned my head and saw him coiled up, lookin right at me. I jumped out of the way just as he struck, thank the good Lord for that buffalo grass between me and him, it saved my life. we were at least 1 1/2 hours from a hospital. I ran down the dam, flatfooted a 4 stran fence, and thats all the fishin I wanted for that day.
    I still see those guys sometime and the first thing out of their mouth is razzin me about the SNAKE DAY.
  17. poisonpits

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    i get the cold sweats and shaking hands 2 or 3 times a winter.i do a lot of coon hunting myself and here it warms up enough that the bears come out at nite sometimes.ever so often my dogs get one up a tree or on the ground and im scared to death of bears.i dont let my fear keep me from doing what i like but im still fraid of bears.
  18. MRR

    MRR New Member

    This one goes back to big Flood of 1973. A friend of mine and me went fishing on aFriday night in his 14ft V bottom boat and a whoppin 9hp motor an a very mad Mississippi River.No life jackets on ,neither can swim and dumb us head down stream .Anyway we get maybe a 1/4 mile downstream and deciede this isn't a good idea so we turn around to head back.As luck would have it motor didn't have enough power to push against the strong current so it quits !! There we are no motor and only our oars ,so we start oaring at about 10:00 pm .Finally around 7:00 the next morning we get close enough to the bank to start getting hold of tree limbs and pull our selves towards the levee.Finally get to the levee around 8 get out of the boat and walk up to a tavern at Meyer ,Il..A fellow in there just happen to have a tractor, so he goes down the levee and drags the boat back up to us.
    I swore I'd never get in that boat again with him:roll_eyes: but dumb ol me did a week later. Thats a whole different story and the last time I ever got in that boat.
  19. peewee williams

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    I would have thought everything was down hill after surviving Mellon!

    I am going to let you in on the sound of the Sasquatch.It sounds like this."Hold my beer & watch this"!

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.
  20. river1214rat

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    West Point, KY
    When I went out with my roommate from college one summer night in 1970, the last thing I expected to happen to us was to get shot. Living in the country, as most of know, there isn't much to do. She had 2 cousins that lived in Louisville and we met up with them. They had heard of a "haunted house" in Buckner, kinda knew where it was located, and wanted to go see it. As we got closer, I knew exactly where we were going. My dad had raised tobacco on this farm and I had helped him with it since I was a kid. Supposible, the house was haunted by a sea boat captain, who had owned it like 100 yrs ago. We arrived, parked in front of the gate, climbed the gate, and walked up to the large wrap around porch. Looked in the windows, all was covered up inside..no ghosts.. and started walking back to the car. BAMM, BAMM, BAMM. Three shots rang out...I have always wanted to jump over a fence..could never do it, but I Jumped Over A Fence that night (have never been able to do it since), got into our car, couldn't find the keys!! WE all look up at the same time to see a 12 gauge shotgun pointing into the window. Out of the car...I could hardly walk my legs are hurting so bad, so is my roomate. He made us sit in a circle and wait for the sherrif to come. The sheriff arrives, cusses out the farmer for shooting us and tells us to go home. My roomate and I go back to my house, crawl up the steps and attempt to go to bed. The next morning my Mom comes up the steps, mad as a wet hen thinking we came home drunk and had to crawl up the steps because we were smashed. She throws back my covers and there is blood everywhere in my bed as well as my roomates. To make a long story short, after my Mom picked herself up from the floor, we ended up in the hospital, and to this day, I have approx 20 buck shot thingies in my legs. Moral of the story...stay away from haunted houses, it's not the ghost that will get you, but the living.