Favorite structures to fish on the Kankakee River??

Discussion in 'ILLINOIS RIVERS TALK' started by bigmike, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. bigmike

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    I have had some good days and bad days fishing this year in the Kankakee River and was wonderin if yall had any thoughts on how to better read the river. Specific stuctures to look for,wholes, or if y'all look for specific things when finding your fishing spots. I guess I am always trying to learn more it's the only way to get better. Thanks
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    i dont ever go that far north, but i'm sure the fishin is about the same anywhere in illinois. i might be tellin ya things u already know, but i ALWAYS use my depth finder when fishin for flattys. i dont rod and reel fish much, but i know that i have my best luck on bank poles when i can find a large stump, log, or brush pile right on the edge of the current. i fish a flood plain where one can definitely tell the plain from the current, and that drop off is my key spot. hope this helps.

  3. astutzman

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    Collinsville, IL

    I'd agree with the "edge of the current" philosophy of catfishing. There might not be any solid "structure" there, but the eddying of the water tends to collect "fish food" in it. I've had my best luck tossing baits out on floats at the heads of eddys and letting it float in.
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    There are a few "rules" I've learned and been taught over the years which have held true on the Fox, IL, Rock, and Kankakee rivers.

    1. Fish the upstream edge of the drop off. The fish will gather in the hole and migrate to the upstream edge for food.

    2. Fish the upstream side of the island. When the current breaks around the island it creates an eddy on each side of the island which does not exist on the downstream side. Fish the bigger eddy first, then move to the smaller eddy on the other side of the island.

    3. Fish just downstream of creek mouths. The eddys that are created at the upstream side of an island also exist on the downstream side of creek mouths.

    4. For monster Cats, find the biggest, nastiest, oldest pile of deadfall you can and interrogate the heck out of it. Fish it high, fish it low, fish the sides, get in the water, wade over to it and flick a line right in the middle of the rat's nest of branches. They're in there, somewhere, the challenge is to draw them out.

    5. When river fishing, USE YOUR DEPTH FINDER!! It will not only show you where the holes are, but with the constantly changing water depths and the potential for the river to deposit structure virtually anywhere, it's better be safe w/ your finder then sorry without it. Especially if you typically run down river of your boat launch.

    Good luck and tight lines.